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    Saw an AI tut on something like this. Thought it would be interesting to try without a gradient mesh shading tool. I just used some booleans and blur. The first image is a screenshot of the PDF and there is something wrong. The 2nd pic is a jpeg and everything looks fine (except a little pixelated). Anyone have any ideas why the PDF is not sharp?
  2. Thanks Dave. When I was reading what was new it said export (PDF, ....) so I assumed. Thanks for clarifying.
  3. Unfortunately the PDF export with effects and most gradients is still quite pixelated. Are others getting same result?
  4. Hi, I placed my points for my shape and then adjusted the curves with the node tool. After that I highlighted the curved nodes that were broken and I clicked "smooth" button to rejoin the handles. I then wanted to adjust some to pure horizontal. Typically in the past, I just held the SHIFT ket and it snaps to the horizontal plane (or the vertical if I needed it to). When I try to do this it snaps to some obscure angle and I can't get it to snap to either 0 or 90 degrees. Any ideas? Bug? Thanks
  5. MEB, Can you put this down as requested feature? I depend on this feature in AI and it is a little frustrating not being able to do it in AD. If others have a workaround I would love to hear it. Thanks as always, Chris
  6. Just an update - FIXED! Andy emailed me (very quick response btw) and said my problem was I had my graphic layer (the bat) set to "Normal". He said it needs to be set to "Passthrough" and that fixed the problem. No pixelation!
  7. I created this graphic utilizing shapes (mostly ellipses) and the boolean tools (Add, subtract, etc...). I rendered it as a PDF and it is very pixelated. I am lost and don't understand what I am doing wrong. I understand that the Fx will give me pixelation until the PDF export is improved but why just plain shapes. Is it the boolean operations? I've attached a screenshot, a jpeg, the PDF I exported, and the AD file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Tribal Bat_AD.pdf Bat Graphic_ChrisP.afdesign
  8. Hi MEB, I will send a link and the file to that email address. I rendered the Pdf with no Fx applied so that is why I am so confused. I added the AD file above so anyone who wants to check it out can.
  9. I figured it out...Instead of using a mask, I just copied (Cut actually) the White text and Pasted-Inside the long oval-ish banner .
  10. Hi all, I rendered as PDF and got these weird artifacts (in the dark text) and pixelation. I then removed the masked layer from the render and it looks ok. Any ideas what is going on or what I am doing wrong? I enclosed a screen shot also so you could see how I made it (if that helps). Thanks
  11. Hi, I really like designing in AD, so much more than AI, but the PDF export issue is becoming a problem. My clients want the PDF mostly and I can't use drop shadows or other effects without them getting rasterized. AI does not do this. Even iDraw doesn't do this - it exports PDFs as clear and sharp as AI. In a few cases, they said just send us the .ai file. :( So then I have to import....etc... and bottomline...... keep AI and CC subscription ;( Some want to .svg or .eps, so not much of an issue with AD export there. It's just this PDF thing is driving me a little crazy. Any ideas how to get a crisp AD PDF where I use effects?
  12. Hokusai, My mistake then because I did not know that the drop shadows in AI or iDraw are rasterized. I was going by the resulting image that looked crisp so I thought it was a vector. I've used the workaround in AD of duplicating the shape or text and placing behind, then making it black and changing the opacity. As for the dpi, in iDraw I have used 72 dpi and still got crisp drop shadows, but I always use 300 dpi for print.
  13. No problem MEB. I know AI uses the Adobe PDF but I wonder what iDraw uses. Thanks again for response. I look forward to the new export code being implemented.
  14. I saw this post and I was curious about this too. I compared your pic in AD, AI, and iDraw to one with 50% opacity and I got the same results as in AI. Meaning the 50% opacity in AD and iDraw looked the same as when done in AI.
  15. I am creating this "leaf-like" symbol. I started with a teardrop shape and duplicated it twice, one rotating 20 degrees to the right, the other 20 degrees to the left, and it gave me the shape I wanted. Each shape was converted to curves. I then selected all the shapes, used the "Divide" function so I could delete the middle most part. Then I selected all the remaining parts and used the "Add" function. It looked ok but when I changed to a darker color I saw the gaps. I thought maybe it was just a screen artifact so I rendered a jpeg and PDF and the gaps are there. Any ideas?? Thanks
  16. Thanks Singuy. It seems we shouldn't have to do all that for it to work properly. Hopefully they will figure out what is wrong.
  17. Thanks Hokusai. I see what you mean but I don't see why it shouldn't work the way I was doing it (I've done this before a lot in AI - divide to subtract a section and then add the rest back as one shape). It seems that the Divide function does change the bezier handles ever so slightly to cause the lines. I just recreated each shape from scratch with a minimal stroke (1pt) and then used Divide, then deleted middle shape, then Add all remaining shapes, and it seemed to work and there are no gaps. Seems having a stroke is the key.
  18. I'm playing around with some flames where I have 3 layers. Bottom is an orange color, middle is only an inner glow of a reddish orange and top is a red gradient to give base of flame some more color. Every time I render a PDF I get pixelation. When I turn off the inner glow middle layer I only get pixelation toward the base where I have the red gradient. When I just render the bottom orange layer alone, everything is crisp. So my conclusion is most, if not all, effects and gradients will get rasterized on PDF export. Am I correct? If I am, is this a PDF export issue or is it something that has to be refined with AD? Just trying to trouble shoot this so I know how to build things, or render things, in the future. Thanks!
  19. Forgive my ignorance about vectors but will there ever be a time when the effects will not be rasterized, say in a future update, or is this not possible (technology-wise)?
  20. I was just going to say the same thing. The linear gradient layer I have has a transparent fill in one end and it got rasterized.
  21. I created a curved line, duplicated it, mirror, and repositioned it so both points line up. Snapping is on. After, I select both "snapped" points and join them. When I go to move the point I see they are not joined and I am only moving the top-most point. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  22. I checked thise links...Thank you. It seems to happen when I transform the line segment. When I don't rotate it, it seems fine. So I'm guessing its a bug.