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  1. Wow, thanks a lot Eugene Tyson - and the others that contributed for this answer - that difference between "All pages" and "All Spreads" is what I have been missing for a couple of weeks!!
  2. Thanks, Byron92870! Solved the same problem for me! I had to do both solutions, first reset - as Chris B suggested - and then changed Display settings.
  3. Thanks a lot for the reply, Sean and Mark!
  4. Hi, I have experienced three crashes with this build - with the same actions: changed document resolution, from 600 dpi to 300 dpi - rescaling and then clicking export, crash! It happened three times, but many other times it worked well - by the way, I have mostly not seen many crashes while using the betas. I couldn't find any crash report where it was supposed to be - appdata>roaming>affinity>designer>1.0(beta)>crashreports - although the empty folder has its date updated as it was modified today at the crash event... I hope it could contribute to further success toward the next stable release. Thanks for all efforts; I am enjoying a lot the beta features, specially as the wacom experience got smoother - minor improvements still needed though - and perceived from the .80 to .81 build that some actions are now lighter for my cpu, as it is not turning on the coolers as frequently as it was. Thanks again!!
  5. Sure, Sean, Here it is. Marino_01_modelodepaginadupla_600dpi_frames-guides.afdesign
  6. I guess I have found problems with Compound Shapes (Compound layer). I have just installed AD, and loaded a template file I have made for my comics and been using it since the official release, 1.5. I haven't had this problem in AD The compoud shape, made of multiple rectangles, loaded partly as expected and in other areas not, rendering the stroke where it wasn't supposed to. I have tried to recreate the template from scratch, as it is not that hard; with 6 rectangles all went well, but when I tried with 12 I faced the same problem - I tried to export as bitmap and it was also misrendered. My system specs: Affinity Designer build on Windows 10 Pro Version 1703 Build 15063.540 - Intel Core i3-2330M 2.20GHz CPU - 4,00 GB RAM - 64-bit
  7. Hi, Chris and Mark, No other Wacom model driver was ever installed in this system. I have tried to downgrade the driver version once, to 5.3.2-1, but it was after my last crash report; same crash though and haven't had the time to try other versions yet. I don't now if it's the usual way of addressing things internally, but I 've found that in Device Manager the Wacom tablet driver version is, while in the Wacom Preferences the version is 5.3.5-3, as expected.
  8. Yes I do, Mark. Only one, though - but the latest. 7cf598bb-82e6-4985-9622-c49ac2f476ca.dmp
  9. Thanks a lot, Chris B and Mark Ingram for your efforts and for the mention in the fixes list, although I am sorry to say that it still hasn't worked for me. Changing Renderer to WARP made the performance get worse, and while trying to use the Wacom Bamboo the crash happened even faster; couldn't make any strokes this time. I tried the WARP setting both in and beta releases. Nothing regarding this topic has changed between both versions, but as it seems it's something happening only with my machine and devices, I won't keep bothering you. I won't be able to do a system reset or a fresh install so soon, but whenever I can I'll try it too - for now it's completely acceptable for me to change display settings to work with my Wacom Bamboo in Designer, I got to confess the software won my mind and heart, I tried already to work back in Illustrator and it seemed old and boring :) . I'll keep this post updated if I find something. Thanks once more for your help and attention!
  10. I tested the external display that was crashing with its optional VGA connection, no crashes this time: I could use the tablet with its pressure recognized; the cursor did not stuck on windows default (!); it worked on desktop extended through displays (though, connected through the VGA, the display resolution is unsuitable to work) I was, in the last post, suspecting it could be my graphic card limitations, but I face no problems at all working with the mouse in the crashing scenario, using vector brush with controller set to velocity, no lagging...
  11. Hi, Chris B, Well, I tested another display device (no other Windows machine to test though), and no crashes at all and no stroke lags! I am no expert, but that would make me suspect of my graphic card limitations - do you know if Designer uses more graphic resources than other drawing appllications? (such as Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Clip Studio Paint, CorelDraw X6 and others, as all these applications never crashed in the same machine, display and tablet) Objectively there are great differences between the two displays I tested: the crashing one uses HDMI connection and is using 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution (the recommended one) - LG IPS LED 23MP55 (23 inch) the other that did not crashed, uses VGA connection and was using 1280 x 720 pixels recommended resolution - LG L177WS (17 inch) My laptop built-in display uses 1366 x 768 pixels resolution (14 inch) and its graphic card is: Chip Type: Intel® HD Graphics Family DAC Type: Internal Adapter String: Intel® HD Graphics 3000 Bios Information: Intel Video BIOS Total Available Graphics Memory: 1664 MB Dedicated Video Memory: 32 MB System Video Memory: 0 MB Shared System Memory: 1632 MB I just tested another thing as I thought while writing, in all those crashing scenarios I was extending desktop through the displays ******and switching the display desktop settings only to the external one did not crash!**** The lagging issues are felt only in the external display by the way. I will try next to use the same crashing display using its VGA connection.
  12. Hello, Mark, thanks for the answer. My Wacom driver version is 5.3.5-3. Yes, the highlighted option is enabled for me - took a try again with it disabled and could make more strokes than before, about 8 or 9, but crashed again.
  13. Hi guys, as I have reported in other posts, after, Designer were crashing whenever I took my Wacom Bamboo Pen to use (until then I have been using the Wacom tablet without its pressure sensibility, but no crashes). But it haven’t ocurred me to test the application with the Wacom on my laptop built-in display, and vois-là, it at last recognized the tablet pressure: I could use the vector brush as expected, though the cursor became the default system arrow and the pen button set to pan the image could only pan vertically. But as I changed the application and the wacom tablet mapping to another display, Designer crashes after some pen strokes - some subtle changes, because the first time it ocurred to me, Designer crashes just on hovering the pen over the application window, before any strokes. I tried many tablet mapping combination without any change in such scenario, but could use the tablet again on the external monitor when I left the “Use Windows Ink” option unselected; but then again no pressure sensitivity. I cannot say if its a problem in the latest pen & ink improvements of Windows 10, nor if its related to the corrupted wacom driver mentioned in the beta release fixes, though I have re-downloaded and reinstalled the wacom bamboo drivers many times, and pressure sensitivity is working in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Clip Studio even when the Windows Ink option is unselected. Intel Drivers also checked and up to date. The crash report is attached. Any ideas? I hope this report could contribute to the application excellence! Here is my hardware and system description: Affinity Designer beta build on Asus K84C notebook Windows 10 Pro Build 14393.222 Intel Core i3-2330M 2.20GHz CPU 4,00 GB RAM - 64-bit Wacom Bamboo CTL-470 (driver 5.3.5-3) db6415ba-f1b5-47d7-aaa8-0369a171b864.dmp
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    Hello, Same as fnrq post above, my Wacom Bamboo (CTL-470/K) pressure sensitivity still can't be recognized in the Beta releases - the workaround presented by o0msk0o couldn't work for me as the Wacom Tablet Properties for this cheaper model doesn't come with the "Application" option. Until the release I was being able to use my pen as a mouse and after it the moment I grab my Wacom Pen the program crashes. It is still crashing in, the error code is: 0x80131516. I am using the latest Wacom Bamboo drives under Windows 10 Pro (Affinity Designer beta build on Windows 10 Pro Build 14393.222 - Intel Core i3-2330M 2.20GHz CPU - 4,00 GB RAM - 64-bit - Wacom Bamboo CTL-470/K - driver 5.3.5-3)