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  1. Hi, I've been using Affinity now for two professional projects and it's good. I noticed there are a few panels which can be consolidated to use the same template as the layers panel, this would lower the API surface area and improve maintainability over time. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Yeah. That "scope bar" does take a lot of room. The next viable alternative can be putting it into the "tab bar" menu in the list of options.
  3. In this thread can you do me a favour? When using words try and keep in mind "cleaner" relates to a perspective which only you understand. If you can pinpoint the exact weakness with that design, I can improve it. And I really do appreciate any constructive feedback, especially when "cleaner" is used.
  4. when I have more time to do mockups, I'll take a shot at my perspective on a few other aspects of the application...
  5. Update Dropdown What I did was think about components and what parts belong to what. And for this model to be clear from the UI / UX perspective, it means that the other colour options should be separated into their own panels due to their unique attributes. In my experience, I would recommend removing the colour wheel--it adds no functionality that the sliders can't provide and adds a level of complexity to maintain in the long run. I can't keep working for free, so, this is it from me. ----- Previous -----
  6. When an object is deleted inside a group, it exits the group. It would be nice if it stayed inside the group. I found myself deleting, then double clicking to enter, deleting and the double clicking to enter. :)
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