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  1. Again! absolutely brilliant work! Watched this today: Thought of you :)
  2. Brilliant... thank you!
  3. Extended set to complete Mixed Pattern Brushes 01 Full sample sheet in original post Patterns-01-Packs
  4. Well!... not at the moment.. to coin a phrase ..I will sleep when I am dead! :)
  5. Thank You! :) I have been following what you suggested..I created a sample reference sheet for all of the 120 Texture Brushes [Dots] .. created so far!
  6. Added new extension to the Brush Set with 30 new Dot Patterns TB DOTS Packs
  7. Thanks for picking this one up :)
  8. Excellent I am pleased that you have found a use for them
  9. Extended Pack with an additional 40 Brushes with Mixed Patterns Zipped into single archive Patterns-01-Packs
  10. I think I will do that next time! and it is a bit of a pain having to zip brush files
  11. Thanks for liking them... You may be right!. I think my little project is no longer small and is going to need a rethink soon! As it is now quite substantial bigger it may be worth consolidating brushes into larger packs..(eek more work!) ..and I haven't finished this section yet :) I found that having loads of brushes makes for a long scrolling list. Been trying to avoid it and really create a library where you can select what you want to use and copy to your own category it would be nice to just upload the brushes as afbrush files but the forum restricts that :( !
  12. Extended Pack with an additional 30 Brushes with Mixed Patterns PATTERNS-01 Pack PATTERNS-01 Pack PATTERNS-01 Pack
  13. Thanks Mark and the Affinity Team! Fantastic progress I am so impressed how quickly this software is many changes in a short space of you guys ever sleep? :D
  14. I am honoured that you have found a use for them. The most recent brushes have 'evolved' significantly from by first feeble efforts a few months ago :)
  15. Added additional extension to the Brush Set TB DOTS-Pack TB DOTS-Pack TB DOTS-Pack