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  1. have a look at this video tutorial:
  2. Once again thanks for all the hard work...and for fixing those brush issues. Working much better It's getting hard to keep up.... No crashes in or or the brief look at and the Brush panel is behaving! far Issue with with some keyboard shortcuts not working also seems to be resolved in
  3. Thanks for the latest beta...looking good One tiny issue I found is that a couple of keyboard shortcuts that I added seem to have stopped working.. They worked fine in previous beta Add [ + ] (know they clash with brush size) for Join and break curve...they don't seem to work anymore. Select 2 node endpoints on 2 separate lines+use keys [ ] Tried Clearing/reset and re-import saved shortcuts. Also changing the luck! But works if use context menu btn's and same keyboard shortcut setup is still working in
  4. Just had a look at the ...yep you are right.. about the switching..but not sure it's affecting the brush painting. The seemed to loose 'part of the dynamics' while being painted on the screen.--I wasn't switching Personas at the time. I hadn't noticed the header changing! The Persona switch was an effort to correct the brush function. Likewise for exchanging the Brush in Brush panel So Switch persona and Move Tool selected by default. Switch back to Pixel and brush gets deselected -- as move tool still active So you have to re-click the brush tool to re-activate brush [Should still be active with original brush] --Brush selection appears in header [brush panel de-selected]--but you can still paint with previous brush without selecting a new brush from panel I don't think this one is a major's just a bit Weird!...hence the title Downloaded the Latest Beta Today so will play with this version for a while see what happens......Mark has been busy again! ...It's looking good so far
  5. Hi Sima You look to be on the right track ...with the Accumulation Jitter being occasionally dropped from the brush dynamics Test as below: 1. Set at 100% on slider 2. Set Pressure 3. Adjusted right Node 4x at 25% intervals 4. results as per image
  6. Hi Sean Issue 2 + 5 I have managed to reproduce issue 5...and made a movie!+ screenshot This issue is difficult to recreate as Sima noted when you attempt to create brushes it involves a lot of scribbling on the screen. So I recorded 'playing around brush creation'..not exactly LucasfilmQuality. but it does give you an indication of what can occur. (I cropped it but still 10mb) If you play the video you will see that the same Brush can change it's appearance/painting even though the dynamics/texture have not been changed. Video sequence 0-20 Sec = Exchange/remove Brush Nozzle (Where the problem started) [this would change painting effect of brush on pixel layer] But intensity/clarity of brush disappeared Switch persona to see if fix 40-50 Sec = check dynamics to see if randomly changed [had not and brush nozzles still the same 3] 60 Sec= Paint again with same brush [no change-slightly worse] 65 Sec= Change to adjacent brush in brush panel and paint on pixel layer [works fine and unaffected] 70 Sec = Re-select original brush [is now working correctly]!..and it's changed back to what it should have been Screenshot There is a screenshot below (top 4 'splodges') 3 of them are the same brush with no change but they are painting differently on screen Brush loss of texture and clarity.wmv
  7. I am pleased to see someone else has found this issue...I believe it's being dealt with. see here:
  8. You are quite correct the loss of tools in the brush panel is related to the creation of a new pixel layer...brilliant...thank you
  9. Yep sounds good..I think dev has eliminated issue 1...which was the nasty Xenomorph major one! I was using the brush tools/brushes of the texture set extensively last night...I could not reproduce most of the previous issues...excellent! However as Sima has also noted; The settings in the brush dynamics do dim out inconsistently. To re-activate you have to close the panel then re-activate the brush (which does not save the settings you have recently changed) ...I will try and make it happen I will try and record it! Notes 1. I had 1 occurrence where selection of the Saturation Jitter to (reduce it from 20%) to 0 also caused the luminance jitter to be selected simultaneously ;as both hit 0% all the tools dimmed out.. I have only seen that once...but I will investigate it more tonight. just tried this ..and its happened again (dragged out saturation jitter with Wacom)...see screenshot attached 2. Interesting comment that Sima has made about dragging the sliders as - the size in the general tab became 'stuck' (waited around 10 sec and it caught up) I took the slider up to 400px; which only registered on the context menu bar. and was displaying 300.1px (.1 dec places); just checked it still is! It's possible it's being caused by the Wacom... The drivers are up-to-date as I made sure everything was up-to-date in trying to get to grips with the crashing issue (as I thought it was me!) (versions are listed in my signature) See video file below: Stuart-10-11-2017-19-22-20.wmv
  10. You are is an odd issue...and to be honest its the first time I have seen the software lock up and affect the cpu in such a dramatic way...It must be difficult to cover all events/combinations/OS/scenarios in workflows...The new Beta with regards to those Brush issues is looking far!
  11. Images in supplied .zip file via email and batch settings as image attached or 1 save into subfolder of parent 2. save as .png (200x200) 3. Macro attached prepare brush nozzles (remove white and clarity) 4. Parallel processing
  12. Wow..You and your team have definitely been working hard..well done for the quick turnaround will get to testing it.... I see the horrible brush issue is Fixed..yippee!
  13. You are right Sorry Sean... There is an overlap in the 2 bug reports and its crap bug report I think one of your colleagues picked up the primary (point 1 in the thread below).. issue with regards to crashing constantly/everytime when using brushes+switch Persona and has managed to recreate it in This is occurring in AP and AD release version 1.6. It does not occur in any of the beta versions I downloaded to test/use Point 1 (with Development I think) Issue 1 [fixed in Beta version Beta] Steps to Produce 1 Create new file for testing brushes 2. Add Artboard 3 Change Artboard colour to Black (easier to view) 4.Switch to Pixel Persona 5.Select Brush from Brush Panel (I thought initially this was a consequence of the methods I had used to build brushes..but subsequently have tried the same process with frankentoon-texturizerpro-brushes and still caused the fatal error) When I thought it was a consequence of the brush I Created a new Category and copied a couple of the brushes to this/renamed the category[TexturePainters01]/then exported it from 1.6 to see if the previous brush created in 1.5.3 category was causing the issue. (would have been bad for me as I have a lot of brushes!). The original brush set (Texture Painters) can be seen in image 1 had 199 brushes(experimental before extracting the ones I wanted to smaller set/s)..Unfortunately, repeating the same process would cause a crash. 5. Change to colour (usually a light red/yellow/blue) 6. Paint with Brush on Page At this point everything is fine...until... 7. Click on another Persona [BTN] context menu..and the crash report is presented (For me everytime I do this) I listed the process in the thread Pauls picked up (and sent crash reports) as well (shorter version) Issue 2 Brush nozzle use/availability when adding additional nozzles can be delayed significantly (fixed with alternating between Personas!) When experimenting with brush creation I tend to duplicate previous brushes as it is easier to manipulate the dynamic settings and add/switch Texture Nozzles In this process I have been experiencing a delay in the activation of the brush on the page when I add an additional image. Sometimes the brush simply 'refuses' to paint on the screen [with the exception of being able to dab nozzle pattern 1 at a time with the Wacom Pen] but if I switch between Draw and Pixel Persona the issue resolves itself..briefly..Again I found it a bit odd as the was not visible in the Beta versions. If you look at image 1 with regards to the green painted areas above the brush dynamics you can see that painting capability (in terms of luminosity and detail of pattern) has diminished..This is the same brush painted on the screen 3 times.Also in Image 2above the crash report but inside the selected area yo can see the same issue where there is no detail in the painting brush. Issue 3 Loss of Settings (get dimmed out randomly while being edited) [image 3] recovered with switching personas again (but brush panel reverts to general!) This one I though was easy to see in the image The brush is still selected (hence the painted area) but now has an intense luminosity..However all the settings in the Dynamics are de-selected including all the pressure graphs (invisible). Again I did not see this in the Beta version As highlighted by Sima add px layer/sketch with brush on pixel layer;add new pixel layer; sketch again and Dynamic Brush tools will dim out if panel open at same time (small wma video below+screenshot) Issue 4 Brush can stop working (except for 'dabs' of bitmap pattern) and loss of Nozzle, reverting to arrow Raised this in Issue 2 but not the loss of Nozzle where there is a delay then reverts to an arrow Issue 5 Hard to explain this one but brush seems to de-activate some of its applied dynamics You can see this in second image same brush used 3 times After adding nozzle 4 (no sharpness/contrast). See Video and screenshot Below also relates to issue 2 Explained this in Point 2 but. It is a different problem...Again referring to images 1,2 and 3 The brushes are painting differently on the screen but the settings have not changed. Issue 6 [fixed in Beta version Beta] Unhandled Exception error on switching between Personas (image 4) Being dealt with in separate thread....As Issue 1 Hope this helps With regards to the files ..yes absolutely..I will make available to you.. You have asked for some files regarding another issue I came across with regards to Batch Processing (again something that was not in the Beta version) AP [Old Macro /batch Conversion] Crashing with applied Macro ( You can have access to anything I have been working on regarding these bugs/issues/unique to me..maybe! I will send you a link once I get all the files together...shouldn't be long
  14. I have finally managed to reproduce this issue by creating a Macro in AP 1.6 and following the same workflow process: see attached screenshots. If I don't deploy the Macro I can export process the Batch. ... Added the simple Macro....Initially thought that this was due to an older file but have managed to force the event...It locks up the PC and sends the CPU watercooler crazy! process png files.afmacro
  15. You could try this one