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  1. Has this issue been fixed yet? I cant imagine anyone using grey rather than black as default? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I gave up on this and just put up with it, clearly AP doesn't like NAS units BUT .... I now have a different issue, which may shed some light on it? AP is trying to Connect to an old ip address for my old server which is no longer on my network, I get the same can't connect message but not for the new server? It does mean AP takes long time to start up while it looks for this non existent server. Any ideas? Thanks. PS> When are you bringing out a Lightroom alternative???
  3. Hi Leigh, I always used AFP with no problems but at Christmas I updated the DSM to the latest and my iMac to the latest versions, AFP ran terribly slowly so I tried SMB which restored the speeds and ran great. But when using SMB I have issues creating jpeg thumbnails from AFP generated files 20% in a folder just won't load or load then revert the the app icon after a few seconds. iMac HDD files are fine. Now I am getting this issue with Affinity Photo, everything else is working fine. I have Affinity set to open jpegs so I suspect this is the issue here again. Just tried reinstalling Affinity and it made no difference, on opening looked for the DiskStation. Any ideas would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks.
  4. Every time I launch AP I get this "Can't connect to Diskstation" error message, regardless whether the Diskstation in not mounted on the iMac . Why is AP looking for this each time, how do I stop it? I'm totally unable to run any batch jobs, even off my iMac HDD because eAP looks for the Diskstation. thought initially I had a server issue but It now apparent its almost certainly AP as I only get this with AP and its everyone I launch it. On launch If I click OK I can continue to work no problem BUT on batch jobs it just crashes. Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys, I have my custom profile test sheets to print but can't find how I can stop Affinity Photo from changing the un profiled TIFF files to my working space? Have the "convert open files to working space" unchecked in preferences but this has made no difference. I need to print the test files with no colour adjustments so need them to remain un profiled, how can I do this, I did find something on line suggesting this was a bug with TIFF files? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Guys, Im struggling with making selections using the pen tool... As I work around an item to create a selection I realise that half my points have vanished and AP has started over a new path. Must be something I'm doing? I try to make sure I have a blue square with a red surround before moving on but all of a sudden I seem to get a white circle and green alignment line, this seems to start a new path and remove all the points Ive created. Where am I going wrong? Many thanks.
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