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    となりのトトロ fan art.

    Hi all! I've been using AD for 3 months now and all I could say is that it is amazing! One thing that made me fall in love with this app is the option to adjust the noise in an object; something that I always wanted to apply in my works (both personal and for work). Here's one of that works that I've made recently for my niece's birthday. It's a vector trace of Tonari no Totoro's movie poster, and was printed as a cover of a birthday card.
  2. Hi Guys! Had the same problem earlier and searched through the forums and found this thread. I followed MEB's advise and it worked. However, when I first checked the shortcut key for Swap Line and Fill, the shortcut was there (shiftX) but the command didn't work until you delete and re-enter the input for that shortcut. Using AD 1.5.1 on OS X 10.9.5