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  1. This is a known issue, hopefully the ability to import RAW files from photos will be available soon. Currently I know the following cloud drives will allow you to open RAW photos from them (iCloud, Amazon Cloud).
  2. ShadowCodex

    Importing Nikon D7200 NEF files

    The only thing I've been able to open NEF files from are Amazon Cloud Drive and iCloud. The RAW from Photos is a known issue that they are actively working on.
  3. ShadowCodex

    Opening Raw Files from iCloud or Google Drive

    The NEF File is in the root iCloud folder. So should not be any access restriction. I'd love to use iCloud drive as Amazon's sync is screwed up beyond belief... **EDIT:** It seems my workflow for copying NEF files over to icloud from google drive killed the file extensions... So it was not seen as an NEF file... Fixed extension and now it sees and opens it from iCloud. Dumb.
  4. Hello there, I've been playing with affinity photo for iPad and have noticed that I am unable to open my .NEF files from either iCloud or Google Drive. However I am able to open them from Amazon Cloud Drive. I figured that iCloud opening of .NEF files would have native support. Beyond that I can't open RAW files for use in an HDR merge, so to do an HDR I have to do the following. 1. Move RAW files to Amazon Cloud drive. 2. Open each up individually with import from cloud 3. Save out as JPEG or some other format 4. Open new HDR Merge Seems a bit cumbersome... I'm just really curious why I can't open .NEF files from iCloud. They are all greyed out.