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  1. Hi; I bought and downloaded the iPad photo software plus 3 packs (Distortion, Image Styles & Light Leaks) for both iMac and iPad. Please direct me to basic loading and operating assistance. Thanks Diggs
  2. Hello: I run photo on my iMac. Now i want to buy and install, iPad version of photo. I tried to follow the steps on the recent offer (discount) of the software. However when directed to go to the App store, I am having problems with Apple and passwords. As your customer, can I buy directly from Affinity, as I did when I bought Phto for the iMac. If so, the software would be run on another computer (iPad, my wifes) with an address of [mail removed]. My address remains the same, [mail removed]. Incidentally, you have special priced the software in $21.99 Canadian dollars in your eMail to me, yet if I go to the App store, its in US Dollars Cheers Diggs
  3. Thanks for the info. Can you comment on the difference between the CDN pricing and the US.???
  4. I am already using Affinity Photo, on an iMac. Now want to move to an iPad. My current iPad is one of the first models (A1935). 16GB. I am am considering a refurbished model from Apple Canada. I believe the 9.7" retina screen would be adequate. Question: What model do you recommend with size of GB. Secondly do you require a 'wand' of any kind? Thanks in advance Diggs
  5. Alfred...... Thanks for this it makes my choice easy Diggs
  6. Diggs


    Missing icon 'In Paint Missing Areas' when attempting panorama. This is the first time I tried it after watching the tutorial. After the panorama is completed and being 'rendered' the icon called "In Paint Missing Area' is supposed to appear. It does not. I am running iMac E Capitan and everything else appears to work.
  7. Adding to the Bruce, I would like to support the second para, regarding the highlighting of the cursor as it follows the dialogue. otherwise the videos are excellent. Diggs
  8. What is the shortcut used to enlarge/reduce an image
  9. I recently purchased Affinity Photo and so far I am impressed. Using the video tutorials has been a great help. However in using the Video that describes the Dodge and Burn, I was attempting to follow the mouse to see how the width control was accomplished. The mouse did NOT move to the top command line and choose a width, but rather appeared to be controlled by some other process, transparent to the eye. Is there another way of controlling the width control?
  10. In attempting to grab the cloned area, I followed the rule using Alt + Mouse. However, the only way it would operate consistently was to allow both the Alt and Mouse to be released at the same time. Is this the proper procedure?
  11. Following the tutorial on cloning, I noticed a change in the 'Brush Size' without going to the Command line to vary the size. The size of the brush seems to be changed by some other process. Can this be explained?

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