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  1. Yep, the app is looking brill. But, I won't use it unless bleed is working, and working consistently. For example, I set the document bleed post-document creation (because, as noted, you can't at the point of creation, yet). When I added a new page to the document, it never inherited the bleed and was set to 0mm. Even after right-clicking on the page or spread in the pages list and creating the bleed individually for the spread, it wouldn't show for bleeds which were images (background image on the page with a bleed), but would for simple solid blocks of colours.
  2. I've had a quick look around and couldn't find something similar... I use 2 x screens with Affinity (Photo or Designer; Macbook Pro + external monitor). If the external monitor is not plugged in (I'm out and about, for example), the previously, carefully position interface menus (normally shoved over onto the external monitor) reposition themselves in a mess on the Macbook screen. Unfortunately, largely sized menus such as Layers (because my external monitor is large) are not resizable when they are repositioned back in the Macbook main screen. The attached screenshot show what happened to the Layer panel. The only way to get it back is to select Reset Studio in the menus. So: 1. Any workaround 2. Any chance Affinity could implement a dual screen save option? (Adobe has it. I want to move away from Adobe!)
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