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  1. Hi I installed mac o/s Mojave  today then tried out the latest beta  today all seem to work well. off topic both publisher and Photo on both Mac and iPad  work well on both platforms  after the latest upgrades (moderator I hope that's not to far of topic in this thread) if so please feel free to let me know and I am happy to edit this post 

  2. Hi my name is David an old film user I recently started up with Digital  photography as a hobby. I have tried my hand with  Adobe CC but being pretty new to photo editing software I tried Affinity Photo and with all the tuition available I find this much easier to use or at  least for my purposes.I am 64 years of age and would rather be out taking photographs than spending ages on post production.I think AP will let me do this plus I now own this program and am not paying out a monthly fee as I was with Adobe its early days yet for me with AP but hopefully I am going to have fun learning 


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