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  1. Ok I found using less images and selecting which ones to use is improving things, here's where I'm at (this site is only taking low res versions of pictures reliably?). Displaying the details of the moon is really what I'm trying to accomplish. Another other tricks / ideas are welcome.
  2. Hi, I have a series of landscape bracketed shots that include the moon, the bracket consists of 9 shots going + / - 4 EV at the extremes. I'm trying to create a HDR merge that included the details in the moon that is captured in the lower exposure shots, but when I use the HDR feature the moon is blown out / overexposed and there is no detail retention even if I turn say highlights down. I then tried turning the de-ghosting feature off so that when merging I could blend in the moon from a low exposure shot, but when viewing even the low exposure shot by looking at the "sources" Affinity has dramatically increased the exposure of the low exposure shots so the moon is again blown out and not showing any details? How do I merge these photo's and retain the moon details I'm looking for? Is HDR the wrong feature? Attached is an example of 6 shots (in jpeg format to keep file sizes down), the other three shots in the series won't upload, error 200?
  3. Hi Madame, Thanks for the reply, I have indeed watched that video amongst others, but it doesn't say whether or not default corrections such as lens corrections are made to the RAW files when stitching directly from RAW, and this is my main question. What I may do is create two panoramics, one straight from RAW, the other from developed versions of the same RAW files with default corrections selected and see if I notice any difference?
  4. I thought this was a really straightforward question? Does nobody know the answer to this?
  5. Sure np, glad to be of assistance. I did three panoramics of this scene actually, and all three showed similar lines in the water so it is very repeatable and not a one off anomaly. Do you want the other panoramic shots also or is the one example sufficient?
  6. Hi Chris, Please find below a link to the individual shots that created this panoramic, the challenge being time between shots due to several second exposures. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/58859207 I was able to correct the lines in post editing using blur brush and motion blur functions but still thought the sticking might have faded in the interfaces better in the moving water rather than the lines created? Thanks for the help, Kevin
  7. Hi, Am I right in assuming I should "develop" individual RAW photo's first to perform corrections such as lens corrections prior to merging multiple photo's into either panoramic or HDR merging? If so what file format do you recommend I use when exporting the individual photo's? Or is Affinity a step ahead of me and performs the default corrections to RAW file automatically when stitching panoramics or merging HDR? Apologies if this is already answered elsewhere, I've searched and cannot find the answer. Regards, Kevin
  8. Hi, I've done 20 or so panorama stitches using Affinity 1.5.1 on the Mac so far with great results, but am having problems with a scene involving flowing water. If you look at the water in the attached stitch you can see straight lines where a good merge wasn't found. Is this a bug or a limitation of Panoramic's with flowing water?
  9. Fyi: I'm having similar issues with exported tiff files not being recognised etc. and just posted a thread also
  10. Hi, After generating panoramics by stitching tiff files, when I export the final panoramic as a tiff file (either 16bit ot 8bit) it seems hit or miss on whether or not my other photo viewing and editing software (Arcsoft, DxO, OSX picture viewer etc.) recognises the file? I have a late 2015 iMac retina with El Capitan loaded and my Affinity Photo is the latest commercial version (1.4.2). Any help would be appreciated, let me know what info is missing? Regards, Kevin
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