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  1. Thanks. This is exactly the question I had. I’ve been using Ipad Affinity Photo since it was available and love it but this had me confused as to the file—when I sometimes shoot RAW+jpeg it shows the resolution of the added jpeg. Glad I hVe the correct information.
  2. I wish someone would do tutes on all the new abilities with the new update.
  3. JustMeJ, I have used the tutes for the Mac version (I actually have it but much prefer using the Ipad version) and figured out the techniques—more or less. I guess I’ll continue to do the same or come here for help when I can’t figure it out.
  4. Noticed there is a quite detailed workbook for the Mac and Windows version in the store. I wonder if there is a comparable one for the Ipad version or if it is in the works. Diane Fields
  5. DGL interested that you could upload RAWs to your Seagate Plus (which I own also). I tried to find info about that and was told you could not—so I ended up buying a WD My Passport Wireless which seems easier overfall to use via its app, allows upload via SD slot or transfer and does allow RAW.. I did learn with the WD that you needed to shoot raw+jpeg in order to see the image—and then just delete the jpegs at upload. I have used PS and other graphic apps over the years, settled on Lightroom when it came out (used to use a DAM free standing app ‘back in the day’ LOL). I no longer do any commercial but I have a large number of personal files going back to 1998 (taken with many cameras) on external drives. I moved from a custom WIN PC several years ago to a Macbook Pro 15”—at the time the ipad pro 12.9 was due out soon but I knew it would have no ports so felt the Macbook was the only option to access my drives . In the end, I then bought the Ipad Pro too (I had had ipads since the firet week of the Ipad 1-which was the stimulous to go all Apple). The previews of Pixelmator and then Affinity Photo were exciting-and also the app Astropad which allows you to use the Ipad with your mac much like a Wacom graphics tablet which i had used for years. To make a long story much shorter, with Affinity photo for iPAD I decided i could be happy using the ipad for processing, from RAW processing to a final jpeg. I had to figure out a workflow before unsubbing from Adobe CC. My drives are very organized—by year, month, date and/or shoot. I’m organizing current photos in the Photo app and transferring the completed jpegs to my WD drive by folder, keeping raws only for photos I feel i might want to reprocess in the future—IOW making a determination of what ones are ‘important’ LOL-then transferring from the WD drive to my other externals via the Macbook.. IF I had only a year or two—or fewer—photo files I would just transfer to drive, probably use cloud storage for backup (as it is I have way too much to use cloud storage but do use for all other storage except photos). For now I continue to transfer to my external drives via my Mac but did unsub from Adobe CC and am figuring it out. When Pixelmator Pro comes to the Ipad I will evaluate for my uses but for now generally use Affinity Photo (and am trying the new Raw Power by Aperture developers-and trying to figure out how it fits into my workflow). The Ipad Pro with Pencil is a bit of gamechanger for me—feeling I have to rethink how I handle backup, processing, etc but I won’t go back to a subscription system with excellent apps available on the i(ad—including layers—which is why I often left LR and went into PS. I miss a bit of searching by tags, camera or lenses in LR but realized I did it seldom—and I may be able to do something similar with some DAM on the iPad for current photo files (several years instead of 19).
  6. I've wondered if there is any possibility down the road to be able to sync between Ipad and Mac apps. The only way I see to even save a finished file from my Ipad is to save to Icloud Drive and open on Mac and save to external drive (I would likely save or export to Photos app on Ipad also)--well, there's Airdrop also but haven't tried that-and I also have a WD BT drive--which may be a possibility and then transfer finished to Mac/externals--I haven't checked to see if its app is available for sharing . I'm still debating about cancelling my Lightroom;Photoshop subscription--have not worked out a good workflow yet with Affinity on the Ipad (I do have the Mac app also--but prefer working with the Pencil on my 12.9 Pro--I've also used Astropad with my Ipad and Mac)). It will require a good DAM for my Mac and exporting finished files in some way to my Mac.
  7. Yes, I found that more or less by trial and error--so glad you confirmed this which was my assumption.
  8. Ah, thank you. I looked and looked for this tool. Now I'll stop until an upgrade LOL. Oh, and try your tip. I really do find the tips on this forum helpful above and beyond the tutes.
  9. Not sure if IOS 11 will change this or not--not using beta, but in Photos (if not using Photo Icloud which I don't), the only way to do what you want is to select and add to an album (you create a new one with title you choose as mentioned above). Unless they change this quite a bit--and that's always possible, everything on your Ipad is in Camera Roll--and you can place any of those in an album or more than one album--they aren't duplicating BTW. I would guess, having used Ipad since One, that even if you could export to an album, they would still reside in Camera Roll as the default area. I understand what you want because I have long used PS and Lightroom but for now--this is how it works. Oh and the other issue (unrelated to Affinity) is if you use the Iphone and transfer to Ipad via Photostream, you either have to 'save' to an album (for it to retain on the Ipad) or 'save image'. Likely everyone knows that Photostream will only retain about 1000 files and then it rolls over so if you do want it on your Ipad, for IOS 10.3.2 save to an album and it automatically is saved in Camera Roll.
  10. I've tried using Air Drop and find that's reasonable if flattened. I have used Icloud Drive too and that's easy also (but no adjustment layers saved in psd). I would like to have access to my Ipad Affinity on my Macbook--plan to save on external drives--transitioning from Adobe CC (Lightroom and Photoshop) and still trying to establish a workflow (and deciding on a DAM perhaps).
  11. I would like to see more tutes for Ipad Affinity too. I'm a long time user of Photoshop (on Win machines for years, more recently on Macbook an dnow on my 12.9" Ipad pro) but in recent years have used Lightroom more so between not using similar tools for awhile and Personas and Studios LOL--I've been thrown for a bit. I'm gradually working my way through--but find some more detailed answers here on the forum (like the above--adjustment layers on selections)--and they aren't particularly intuitive.
  12. I believe you have to have wifi and bluetooth to airdrop--just tried it with my Ipad Pro to Macbook and it opens it in Photos--so doable.
  13. This may be something you've already tried, but I always suggest to anyone having problems with an app in IOS to do a soft reset--both Home and Power button at same time, then when you see the white Apple logo, wait until it finishes. You will have to open with your password. Hopefully, its as simple as that. I know the RAW files are very large with the 5DIII but that shouldn't be an issue with the new 12.9 I wouldn't imagine.
  14. Would someone clarify what multiselection from Photos means? I'm having no problem opening RAW files--works great--just not sure of the previous. The new tutes are welcome too.
  15. This is more a thank you than a question. i updated Afffinity Photo for Ipad this afternoon and read all the update statements and learned I could not only identify a RAW in Photos but also open it from there instead of Icloud Drive. Works great, thanks for updating in response to many requests so quickly.
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