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  1. JSN

    Tiff Export

    Thanking you non compressed tiff files will be very very helpful John
  2. JSN

    Tiff Export

    the smaller size is not appropriate for the RGB printer. The printer wants 300 dpi and needs all the data available. The printer has also had difficulty opening the file. I have created the same file of blocks of colour in Pixelmator and the print was perfect. j
  3. So I create a document 900 mm x 900 mm at 300 dpi in Affinity. when i come to export to tiff and send it to printer the file size is tiny like 5 mb. I other software the same process creates a file over 200 mb what is going wrong i have had this problem for many months an unable to use affinity which i payed for. Using 1.5.4 j
  4. I have just used the Beta version and i still get very small files. The app store upgrade was a little better but still very much under size. The same process in pixelamator produces a file size almost three times the size. I have also upgraded to macOS Sierra
  5. I also have tiff export problems and waiting to learn of a fix
  6. Any file made in designer or photo has an issue when I export to tiff. There is a few mentions of it out there but no mention of a fix. A file that should be in the 100"s of mb comes out at under 10 mb and sets up a spinning wheel in the finder and my printer can not open the file.
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