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  1. I am no longer seeing this issue.
  2. LevelB

    Double Image on Opening Raw File

    Here are some earlier posts on this: B.
  3. LevelB

    Double Image on Opening Raw File

    I first saw this issue last fall, I believe - unsure what version I was on then. It has been very hit or miss for me. Sometimes restarting my MacBook works for awhile, sometimes not. Not every RAW file fails. I have never seen it with the Serif RAW engine, though. I made some some posts at that time, I will search for them. Hope this helps - and glad to hear it was logged, though I thought this had already occurred. B.
  4. LevelB

    Double Image on Opening Raw File

    Still seeing this in 1.6.7. Will this be addressed in the next beta? Thanks, B.
  5. I have found that when I create a set of .jpg files using New Batch Job, the resulting files are unusably dark. This only seems to occur if my .afphoto files were created using New HDR Merge (I have not tested Stack or Focus). I got the same (dark) result when I unchecked the Tone Map box. These same .afphoto files will process just fine one at a time using File -> Export. I can also do a New Batch Job export with no problem on sets of .afphotos created from single RAW format files. The export settings (New Batch Job and File -> Export) are the same as near as I can tell. Thanks, B.
  6. My issue with flickering seems to be resolved tonight. My MacBook Pro (2017) was connected to my external monitor (Acer 2560x1440 res) via an HDMI adapter. I read somewhere that this type problem could be caused by the adapter/cable converting the signal from 60 to 30 Hz (no idea if this is true) with a recommendation of getting a cable to run directly from the Mac usb-c port to the monitors’s DisplayPort. A $15 cable from Amazon seems to have fixed this issue for me. My monitor was solid for 2.5 hours with AP 1.6.6 tonight. Good luck. B.
  7. I am also having this issue: 2017 MacBook Pro High Sierra AP 1.6.6 Acer K272HUL 2560x1440 Preferences: Metal, OpenGL, Software - seems to occur in all modes Definitely getting worse... BUT - this is also occurring when AP is closed (quit) - but not as often... Any proposed workarounds (color space, resolution, etc., would be welcome). Thanks, B.
  8. This split image(?) issue with Apple RAW Image is occurring whether or not I quit and restart AP. I just had one set of images sail through with no problem, the second set split. Quit then restarted AP and got the same result.
  9. Using: Lumix DMC-zs100 2017 MacBook Pro High Sierra Lens Correction Seems to be working properly with Apple (Core Image RAW) RAW Engine, although I am still getting this result occasionally with HDR Merge:
  10. I am also seeing this. Panasonic DMC-ZS100, .rw2 In my system this only seems to occur with the Apple Raw Engine selected in the Develop Assistant but like some other errors in AP 1.6.6 and High Sierra, it is erratic and I cannot reliably reproduce the problem. For now, I am quitting AP between photos, as this seems to give more stable results. Thanks, B.
  11. LevelB

    Do Not Have Permission To Create a File

    I am having this problem also. The solution worked for me as well. AP 1.6.6 2017 MacBook Pro High Sierra Thanks, B.
  12. LevelB

    AP 1.6.6 HDR Merge

    This solution worked for me. Thanks, B.
  13. I think I saw the same thing the other day: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/36155-dark-exports-with-new-batch-job-using-new-hdr-merge/ B.
  14. I am trying to back up my .afphoto files to Amazon Drive, but get an "Account over quota" error message. My .jpg and RAW files are fine. I am guessing this is because these files are not recognized as photos. So I have two questions: 1. Is Serif reaching out to Amazon to get .afphoto files recognized as photos? or failing that, 2. What are the best paid cloud services for backing up large amounts of photo data? Thanks!
  15. Prior to creating a new Exposure Stack or HDR Merge, is it necessary to remove noise, and then save in a lossless format such as .tiff? Thanks!

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