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    Miquel got a reaction from Sean P in AD: All my settings lost automatically, 4 days after updated   
    Hy Sean,
    I was waiting for your answer for days, but finally I understood that you were very busy fixing all the problems of the new APub launch and APh & AD updates, and I stopped reviewing this thread.
    Well, the problem of duplication of AD & APh options was solved alone (or rather, I guess Apple fixed it), I did not do anything but anyway I do not have any copy of the Affinity programs.
    Now the double option is no longer available.
    Finally, everything is working very well and I have only lost some brushes of the category "image", I miss especially a "chain" brush, I used a lot. I think they came with the program.
    Thanks !

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    Miquel reacted to fde101 in Use double click to convert shapes to text frames   
    Yeah, I would prefer that it happen when you double-click on a shape with the text tool selected... but I can see that some people may have difficulty with it either way and it would be nice to have this as a preference that could be disabled.
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    Miquel reacted to fde101 in Use double click to convert shapes to text frames   
    In earlier Publisher betas there was a rather convenient shortcut in place that would convert arbitrary shapes to text frames when you clicked on them using the text tool.  I thought the team had deemed that a misfeature for some reason and removed it (which is rather sad as I kind of liked that shortcut), but wondering now if it might have carried over into Designer and is still there?  If that is what is happening I would personally like to see it turned into a preference rather than simply removed altogether.
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    Miquel reacted to fde101 in Use double click to convert shapes to text frames   
    It can already be done from a menu command.
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    Miquel got a reaction from John Rostron in be able to move text downward from the top of the paragraph, selecting the first line   
    All one paragraph. I’m designing a phone APP where a long text is divided by chapters and I need to repeat that operation many times
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    Miquel reacted to Callum in Is there any Affinity files storage program project ?   
    Hi Miquel,
    We don't have a Digital Asset Management app at the moment but it is something we would like to make in the future  I personally don't have any recommendations for an alternative but hopefully some other Affinity users will post here with suggestions based on what they use  
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    Miquel reacted to R C-R in After transition Aperture to Photos, no access to Tiffs edited with Affinity Photo   
    The limitation is in Apple's Photos app -- it does not save layers or (as you have seen) offer any 'undo' editing options besides reverting to the original Photos library file.
    To work around that, you can export photos from Apple's Photos app, open the exported version in Affinity Photo, & save your work as a separate .afphoto file, or use the Affinity Photo Media Browser to open photos from the library & save the work you do on them also as a separate .afphoto file.
    But anything saved or added to the Apple Photos Library will be 'flattened' into a single layer file.
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    Miquel reacted to R C-R in Size of Iphone 6 configured is correct as it comes in the AD template?   
    I do not understand what you mean by any of this. Why do you think 132,3 mm x 253,3 mm must be 104 x 58 mm, if that is what you are saying? How specifically are you making the comparison with an A6 paper size & the template size?
    It may help to know that the length of a point (pt) has several different definitions, & that Affinity (like Photoshop & most other graphic apps) uses the so-called "DTP point" (desktop publishing point) as standard. That is equal to 1/72 of an inch, or slightly less than 0.3528 mm (0.3527777778 mm to 10 decimal places). So for example, 375 points is equal to about 132.3 mm (132.2916666667 mm to 10 decimal places), & so on.
    "A" series paper sizes are defined by the ISO 216 standard, which of course is based on the metric system to begin with, but because they are based on an A0 size of one square meter & each subsequent smaller size A(n) is defined as A(n-1) cut in half parallel to its shorter side, which would reduce the area by a factor of the square root of two (another irrational number), the standard sizes are rounded to the nearest mm.
    So, while an A6 sized object in Affinity is exactly 105 x 148 in mm, it is about 297.6 x 419.5 in points, about 4.134 x 5.827 in inches, or about 297.64 x 419.53 in pixels.
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    Miquel reacted to R C-R in Size of Iphone 6 configured is correct as it comes in the AD template?   
    I am still not completely sure what has confused you, but The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions & iPhone 6 Screens Demystified web pages may help you understand the relationship of 'native' point resolution to display resolution.
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    Miquel reacted to v_kyr in Size of Iphone 6 configured is correct as it comes in the AD template?   
    Well, don't mix up the physical phone panel sizes with their supported display resolution! - There are several small 58 x 104 mm panels available on the market with different supported resolutions, that of the iPhone 6 model supports the indicated resolution.
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    Miquel reacted to Petar Petrenko in Maths fonts   
    The only disadvantage is that your OS might work a little bit slower. So, I recomend any font manager for temporary instaling fonts.
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    Miquel reacted to Alfred in Maths fonts   
    Thanks for the screenshot, Alex. I couldn't find that option in the current Windows beta build or the previous one, and I was pretty sure I wasn't looking in the wrong place!
    Edit: I've just found the relevant entry from the AD on Windows changelog:
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    Miquel reacted to A_B_C in Maths fonts   
    If I may add this … whenever a font isn’t recognized immediately by Affinity Designer (which shouldn’t happen all too often), use Preferences > Miscellaneous > Reset Fonts, and everything will be fine …  :)

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    Miquel reacted to Petar Petrenko in Maths fonts   
    You can try "Equation Editor" from MS Office, or "MathType" from http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathtype/
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    Miquel reacted to Petar Petrenko in Maths fonts   
    I have 2000+ and there is no problem at all.  :)
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    Miquel reacted to MikeW in Maths fonts   
    I don't know if there is a means of getting MathType equations into AD as vector. The EPS files it can generate/export from Word do not import properly. AI opens them, as can CD.
    A PDF from Word with equations doesn't import properly, even if I run it through Acrobat and embed the fonts (I think mainly because the font names change). One can use Acrobat to convert the fonts to curves, though.
    If needing to use an equation editor--and there are a couple other than MathType--I would definitely install their trial versions and test export/import.
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    Miquel reacted to ronniemcbride in Arrow Brush   
    I have seen this topic come up pretty often and thought maybe I should post this resource here.
    I know some people need to have native vector arrow shapes in their work so I created a brush for that you can use until arrows are implemented fully in the the application.
    Just import them into your brush pallet.
    cheers :)

    Ronnies Arrow Brush set.afbrushes.zip
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    Miquel reacted to A_B_C in Doted arrows   
    Hi Miquel,
    at the moment, the options of creating arrows in Affinity Designer are still limited. You might have a look at the following thread in order to learn about some workarounds:
    In your case (I assume you are talking about mathematical illustrations) I would perhaps suggest trying the text-on-a-path method, as explained in this thread. Or you could simply use the second method you found yourself.
    Alex  :)