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    Hi I'm Bob. I'm excited about a possible alternative to AI and have purchased AD. I run a small company with 20+ employees and (while I'm sure you've heard this many times) many, many people were upset when Adobe killed Macromedia Freehand. if you're software had the capabilities (and intuitiveness) of Freehand I'd buy it for my entire staff tomorrow and feel many others would as well. I've only played around with it a little, but if I were to require my staff to use AD today, we'd take a huge productivity cut. Please keep developing. A knife tool (unless I'm missing something) would be great. if the pen tool worked a little more like FH, would be great. A blend tool similar to FH would be great as well. Other FH tools I miss (in AI, but easier in FH): inset path, expand stroke, punch tool, expand stroke. Our work is primarily vector based technical illustrations and speed is crucial. we don't go back and forth, playing with lines often or "designing". Freehand was great and so much faster/intuitive/easier than AI. if you really want to slay AI, IMO it needs to be as simple and as intuitive as Freehand. Please keep up the good work and I will spend more time familiarizing myself with your program and watching for updates in hopes that someday soon, I can commit fully to Affinity Designer as our go to program! respectfully, -Bob