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  1. +1000 I have CMD+R in muscle memory to quickly rename a layer in Sketch or Photoshop, but I can't find this option in AD. Crucial to save time organising files.
  2. No, let's not say unique? Before Sketch, can you name any genuinely (professional) mainstream graphic apps which weren't made by Adobe? Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign all use this command. As does Sketch, sensibly. If current/previous Adobe customers are Affinity's core market (clearly they are), this is naive at best. This behaviour is so engrained I must have used it a hundred thousand times if not more, and I will certainly not be alone in this. It is so thoroughly embedded in my muscle memory that I consider this alone to be a barrier to entry. Using ESC makes far less sense, despite it working in places. ESC to me means: no, cancel, leave, stop. Not commit. Agreed - this simply does not need to be a shortcut, especially such a poorly advised one. I want to right-click to 'Create Outlines' or 'Convert to Art Text' if you prefer. I expect you're wrong that most people CMD click elsewhere - why would I use the mouse when my hands are already on the keyboard. Evidently I'm a sucker since I bought the software anyway, perhaps that's all that counts on the balance sheet. But I do hope someone pays attention to this, because after puzzling for a few minutes, googling, discovering this, I dropped my AD experiment immediately and posted here in exasperation; let alone previously frustrated and failed attempts. Make it easy for me to adjust unless there's a really good reason.
  3. This. Signed up just to complain. To commit the text, I pressed CMD + Enter - like I do in other graphics programs I use daily. Crazy to me that some of these shared, commonly understood shortcuts are different in AD. It's infuriating as I can see the potential in AD, which is why I download the betas periodically, wanting to be impressed, but each time run into immediate, nonsensical roadblocks trying to do basic things such as this. Please, sort it out Serif. Think sensibly about commonalities.
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