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  1. Thanks for the input Jer, I'm a big fan of honest criticism, you often get suggestions you would never have thought of on your own! I'll have an attempt adding some dots as you suggest and see the result!
  2. I work for a few clients designing military-style patches, which often necessitates curved text. I find the current system of having to juggle with a bunch of little red flags until I manage to get the text in the right place on a shape and all on the same line a very cumbersome in experience. What I think would be a much smoother system: -On closed shapes (eg, a circle or custom shapes) have a button in the top tool-bar to swap the text from inside to outside the shape rather than trying to manhandle flags. Perhaps another button to give your the old view if you want that extra control? -Some form of flag which allowed you to set a 'centre' point on the shape, which you can justify the text to, allowing things to be easily kept symmetrical. When designing patches, I often get client requests to make the text bigger/smaller or have the copy changed slightly, which then requires effort realigning everything. This 'can' be done with the current system, but it doesn't make it easy. I understand this isn't a priority at all, and my needs are fairly niche, but I thought I'd mention it anyway since it's one of the VERY few gripes I have with AD!
  3. I'm getting weird artefacts when I have nested shapes of different colours, where there is a very faint outline of the main shape showing? this only seems to be an issue in-app, and does not manifest itself once exported. Screenshot attached.
  4. Hi guys, something I'm doing for a friend's recording studio. Below are the logo design and a facebook cover (Which I'm particularly proud of) Thoughts?
  5. This is really cool! I might try and do something like this someday!
  6. Thanks for the feedback, proper naming practices are something I should start exercising. How do you go about separating the lines and the colour? do you draw out the outlines first then colour in behind it?
  7. Hi, I recently completed this design for a friend of mine, and am overall very pleased with the results. I have learnt a lot about how to use AD, but I cannot help feeling that I am still being very inefficient. Big ask, but if someone could have a look at the AD file and offer any suggestions I'd be very grateful. Solider.afdesign
  8. Nice, reminds me of a clean version of Amatic.
  9. Hi folks. I started doing these as little project after some friends made some design requests. Here are a selection of the best. FN FAL Lee Enfield: SKS: A lot of it might not be to your taste (unless you're fond of the occasional Japanese cartoon), but if you could check out my deviantart it'd be appreciated: http://xenolsvectors.deviantart.com/gallery/
  10. bang on, and I have a feeling thats the actual image I used as a template haha.
  11. Vector aircraft illustrations, I plan on making an entire series out of the concept.
  12. Second is my favourite design, needs a different font, perhaps Aller Display?
  13. I don't know what setting I've accidentally clicked, but in AD I'm currently seeing all the shapes outside of the defined workspace. How do I hide them again, they're really distracting.
  14. Thanks for your input. Having the quavers descending is the most aesthetic arrangement I tested. Taking in mind peoples thoughts so far, how about something like this? On review, having hollow quavers (which was originally a move to make them match the flat better) hasn't added much. I removed the linking bar that joined the 'b' and the 'm' which makes the quavers more defined. Thoughts?
  15. I did this as a reference to one of the historical versions of the bands logo, and because it looks better.
  16. Thanks for your critique - I think your view of the flat symbol is justified, and was a point I thought about - I couldn't find a design which was a more obvious shape which didn't in turn spoil the harmony of the logo. I feel the pointed bottom is still (in my eyes) reminiscent of the original symbol. I will respectfully disagree regarding the quavers however. My plan was to make a logo in it's own right rather than a simple 'sum-of-its-parts'. The more conical cymbal is more similar to an earlier iteration of the bands logo from around the 1980's. Since the BTM Band is such an established name now in British brass banding, I think people will already have had experience with the current logo, and so will view the new one as an evolution.
  17. Oops. sorry, accidentally did a repost.
  18. Hi Folks. For a long time now, the logo of the brass band I play in has irked me. Although it is quite clever (the name BTM formed from a flat symbol, the shape of a cymbal and three quavers for the musically illiterate), it's unbalanced feel and amateurish execution has (to me) screamed out for a revamp. Below (right) is my take on the design. I'm going to pitch an entire rebrand at the next AGM. What do you folks think?
  19. I've decided to make a deviant-art where I can display some of the quick vector graphics I knock up in AD. Nothing special but I'm allowing free downloads of .svg files for people to use. http://xenolsvectors.deviantart.com
  20. Just a little design I knocked up as an avatar for a youtube channel I want to create.
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