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  1. I've had some sort of glitch today where the drop-down menu for choosing the font is randomly spazzing out and skipping over different fonts as a scroll, making it very difficult to work with AD 1.5.1 on OS X El Capitan
  2. I am using a mac, but they always seem to load up for me without a restart. Maybe I'm imagining it.
  3. They show up for me without restarting
  4. You don't need to install fonts into affinity. If you install them onto your system, they'll be available in affinity. Buy the font you want, and you should get a .ttf file. Double click on this file and you'll be given the option to install onto the system. Do this, and then you should have the font. Test it out some of these free fonts: http://www.1001freefonts.com
  5. Xenol

    Album Cover

    This is an album cover I made in AF Designer for a mate's band.
  6. Something that would give Designer an instant advantage over Illustrator would be the ability to create your own fonts. A lot of the current applications for this role lack the incredibly intuitive design of Affinity's products. You could really personalise your work by creating your own font and exporting as a .ttf so you could use it system wide. I have some ideas of how this could be implemented. Either have it as a part of designer or perhaps as an upgrade package. When you create the blank document, it would be divided into a grid for the different characters which you could the work on. Thoughts?
  7. Thanks Lee, I did the following and managed to partially recover the file: Went to Library>Containers>com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner.trial>data>library>Application Support>autosave copied the most resent file, and pasted into the corresponding folder for the full version (same as above by remove the.trial from the 3rd step) Because it's an autosave some work has been lost, but It's much better than nothing.
  8. Hi, I was using the trial of AFD recently when it crashed and had to be force-quit. When tried to reopen it told me the trial was over. Fair enough I buy the full version, but is there anyway to recover the work I was doing previously? Where abouts would the autosaved file be held? Thanks
  9. The file in question was never formally saved, I had opened it, worked on it (foolishly) without saving it, then the application froze and had to be quit. Normally, when you reopen the software, it gives you the option to open recovery files, but obviously I couldn't reopen the application to get to that step.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!
  11. I've been using Affinity Photo ever since the demo, and have grown to love it - I now use it in work in preference over photoshop and I am considering getting Designer too. There is a couple of things I would suggest changing just from my experience however, but these are very much minor things: -I use the 'alignment centre/middle' tools a lot in my work, it's very convenient having it in the r/click menu, but I would love it if there was a choice that does both at the same time? Saves a couple of clicks. -Square cropping. A lot of what I do in my work is convert images for Facebook use, and this often entails cropping them into a square. Currently, when you select the square crop, it expands the top and bottom (in landscape) out of the picture rather than (what I think is more intuitive) cut the left and right in. I hope that my description makes sense. As I say, these are only very minor things, but I'd find them very handy. Integration with Apple's haptic feedback would also be nice.

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