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  1. situazione: Ho un elemento master che cambia colore di tanto in tanto. Non voglio creare master con modifiche. Supponiamo che un rettangolo nero sul master che a pagina 3, 5 e 7 diventa rosso, verde, blu ... Vado a pagina 3 ... Posso selezionare l'elemento master sul 3 dai livelli, ma non riesco a renderlo rosso. Ti chiedo se conosci la soluzione mantenendo l'elemento nella pagina master. changing.afpub
  2. questo è difficile per me capire perché... un livello è un livello indipendentemente dal fatto che sia nel master. In tal caso potrei avere sulle pagine elementi intermedi e sugli elementi master sopra (ad esempio il numero di pagina) ed elementi sottostanti (sfondi)
  3. yes thank you so much it was just that!!! I was looking in some preference for enlargement or reduction.
  4. I have a master page where a text and a logo. How do I assign the sequence of levels if I want to change the order? How do I say "does the logo go over everyone? The levels seem to correspond to the objects and in the internal pages disappear those of the master pages ... I'm confused.
  5. se ho un logo vettoriale raggruppato e lo riduco non posso ridurre le linee e gli effetti in proporzione. Ci sono modi per farlo o è una richiesta da fare agli sviluppatori?
  6. with smart styles you can format dates automatically by recognizing them. You can define a list of names ... for example all the months and make the month a title, you can make the date numbers be defined differently ... for example for a calendar, you can make that every time a certain name appears, that of a company, it is bold and maybe colored ... in short, the styles conceived in this way save a lot of time. Affinity is prodigious and I really want it to come to that.
  7. A style that is activated with certain recurrences in order to always activate itself when it meets certain requirements. Grep allows for clever ways of recognizing some situations, but other ways could be used. For example an hour if I express it like this: 12:58 I can find this generic recurrence intended as "number number two points number number" and then I could know that the next two words are to be included. In short, if I have a way to find particular particles in a text and can assign styles, then I am able to import a text and have a large part of facilitated formatting. But we could go even further with the imagination ... for example insert defined objects with certain recurrences ... perhaps symbols or images.
  8. i hope to see publisher soon also on ipad
  9. my biggest problem is text styles. I'm used to grep and dynamic styles. If you work with texts you know what difference it makes to have this. If it's not grep, expect such a system, perhaps more intuitive. Another big problem is vectorizing bitmaps. It seems useless to some, but it is great in so many cases. I see Affinity as the future of graphic design, but first of all I absolutely need to be able to manage text styles dynamically.
  10. I have all three applications and I find it repetitive to have to reload styles or brushes all the time. In my opinion they should be managed globally for all applications. If I load a brush in "Affinity" it is available for all programs in every possible section.
  11. For me, style management is a really fundamental issue, which still prevents me from managing a job in Publisher. The style that activates to a certain glyph or a certain sequence of elements... nested styles, grep styles, or any other shape you can invent to handle the same issue is an essential element. There are no problems for simple texts, as long as you have a title and text with some italics, but it's never that simple. I encourage Affinity to take this approach. It doesn't have to be ghreous or nested style, but to have the same effect. I can't wait to use Publisher without limitations. Unfortunately yesterday for this reason I had to redo a work that became unmanageable and very long without a programmed management of styles. As soon as I can gladly use Affinity programs and I always try to see if I can do what I have in mind with Affinity.
  12. I know to ask something that I have already asked other times, but the vectorization of an image is a basic function for many features so I allow myself to recoil the request: this is a function that I could not give up and go through the web or other applications actually tell Affinity that the program as it is not enough to perform its tasks. But I recognize a great value and so I hope very much to see soon the functions that we can no longer give up even on this suite from which everyone expects a lot.
  13. this is a very debated issue because it is very important. I have a lot of confidence in the developers because they have always done a good job, but nested styles are very important for those who work on publications: taking them off means taking a step back, so one way or another they have to be introduced.
  14. I personally find the display of text and paragraph styles messy. Somehow I would need a hierarchy to make it easier for me to see, such as a tab for text styles and a tab for paragraph styles. Then I would also find the hierarchy useful: if one style depends on another then it should be moved sideways as dependent on that. It would also be useful to introduce colors so we would have a background for text styles, one for titles ... Etc.
  15. sorry Ludwig, for the great delay, but I had not received notification of response and I forgot. The document I sent has been printed for several days. The document was not corrupt, nor broken. The lines of the document included anchored vector objects: many objects, with shadows applied. The document was not corrupt, but it was complex. I hope I can achieve the next one with Affinity, for this reason I tried to import it without apology though.
  16. Windows 10 and the latest version of Indesign subscription. I have not been able to import into Publisher an idml file with many images anchored to the text. In Indesign, an image that is anchored to text has several possible options. When I try to open a very consistent document with these features the program closes without error messages
  17. Do you think it is possible to have a field that automatically generates me all the calendar dates of a year? Maybe I just start the numbering again every time because I'd like to do a diary...
  18. I hoped that with the new version I could open a particular Idml id document of Indesign with many images inserted in the text, but it does not make it and crashes
  19. Thank you. To be able to make the Indesign/Publisher step the first step is to convert files, but there are problems with styles. I use nested styles a lot (not in this case though). I uploaded the file
  20. as long as it's not public though because I can't have to
  21. I really appreciate this feature - because it's a good place to start to solve many real problems, but I'm having problems with a 150-page document with photographs anchored to the text. In fact, it doesn't convert the document to me as I had hoped and it crashes.
  22. Fipo


    I think you're talking about the cage. you must have 100 on the cover for the center window 100 and 97 for the closing window and then mirror for the inner pages, as attached. A4-6.afpub
  23. I find the transitions of one object important to another, which in Illustrator are called mergers. this function is used a lot to generate multiple lines or particular nuances. I also really miss the plot tool with which you can make very realistic designs.
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