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  1. when I have a cropped object I would like to have a plastic shadow. It would be enough to manage it as if it were a 3D object.
  2. it is very useful for me to have a link on the excell tables which I then edited in Publisher. In this way I could update excell and have the texts modified also in Publisher.
  3. I do not know why, but more and more often files that I created with affinity designers can no longer be opened. The program says that they are not compatible even if they were not made with a previous version ... and even if it was certain I do not expect to be able to use them anymore!
  4. the black defined as C0 M0 Y0 K100 is displayed as if it were a gray one, besides the black management in the texts is missing. Normally the text should have a black overprint and this should also apply to most lines, frames, etc. In my tests I found big problems handling this which is one of the fundamental aspects when working with texts. The black text is usually always opaque overprinting on the funds that allow the contrast. When there is no contrast the text usually colors and then in that case the overprint does not make sense ... but for the black it should not even be set ... if ever the opposite is true: I have to disable the overprint if I do not want it.
  5. I prepared a document with Affinity designer and today I do not open it saying that it is incompatible with this version of Designer (the same as yesterday)
  6. if I open a document and I want to close the program without saving ... I can not!
  7. even if the colors are correctly interpreted in the cmyk definition the maximum intensity is not 255, but 100. This bug is quite serious.
  8. In CMYK the full color is not 255 but 100. the current definition is not correct. If I want a full cyan I have to enter 100 to have the maximum intensity and not 255 as it is now.
  9. not only in designers, but in every program I find it important to be able to manage the guides as the lines, distributing them in height or aligning them with objects. Select 5 lines and then distribute them with the alignment tool at equal heights for example.
  10. I was processing a table containing the text, I adjusted the margins and soon the program window disappeared. I could no longer open my document, but the program opens. Windows 10 64 bit.
  11. I do not like how the masters behave. I can not have two different masters in contiguous pages in a double-page layout. If I then put a fund on a couple of pages (not in the master) - then I copy it on another page and reduce it because it is single, this is also reduced to me on the other two.
  12. where can I find an example of complex text style management? I've already done a post to request something similar to the grep styles, but maybe I find it useful to know better what can be done now.
  13. If I have a picture of a person with a thumbnail, it would be great to have a tool that allows me to create realistic shadows. In some way, it is necessary to magnetize the distortion at the base and create a reduced and shaded shape at the point of support, while the shaded shape (with variable parameters) is sloping outwards (this too with variable parameters). Or maybe give a 3d approach to a vector ... by copying the system used by the 3d programs.
  14. a rectangle without fill and line attributes ... but it seems cumbersome
  15. I've just downloaded and I'm watching. Great program, but immediately two gaps for my work: I was not able to insert objects in the text to make sure that they can scroll with the text and the grep styles, which are fantastic conditional styles. Who handles many texts knows what it means to have a conditional style, because it reduces the work a lot. It does not have to be grep, but with those functions and that concept. I do not understand then the reason why I did not see the margin of trimming. If I do not see the 2, 3 or 5 mm ... I do not have a quick view for the position of the elements that are on the edge of the page.