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  1. Moving the list to a different place is simply moving the problem somewhere else. The problem I am referring to is the style bloat created when using assets created with text styles. As an example, placing one assets that contains an element that uses one single text style, will cause the Text Style list to grow with say 20 additional styles that are not needed or wanted. In this case the asset should only add one styles.
  2. Designer and Pulisher -- when placing an asset in the page it generates additional text styles not used by the asset itself. It seems the asset recreates the whole list of text styles existing at the time of its creation. So if the assets contains text element using only one text style, when added to the artwork many other will appear in the text styles list. They carry unnecessary "baggage". Things get further complicated when adding new assets that bring additional styles with same names but diffrent attributes. Style get added with incremental number suffix for example, 'Hint text', 'Hint text 1', 'Hint text 2',... This makes sens but when the asset introduces many new "baggage" styles, new suffixed styles crop up everywhere making a mess of the Text Styles list. Only the the styles used in the actual asset should be added.
  3. I was working on an Affinity Designer (Mac OSx Yosemite )document for three hours without saving (yes I know!) when AD crashed. So I reopened the working document. I don't remember seeing an option to recover an autosaved file but is possible that it was there and that I missed it. Anyway the resulting opened document is the last saved version of three hours earlier. I haven't closed AD yet because as I understand I will loose the autosaved file. Following answers in this forum I looked for the autosaved files in: ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner.beta/Data/Library/Application Support/autosave There I found two ".autosave" files. Opening the first it told me that it couldn't open it because the file was already open. So I closed the opened AD document and went back to the autosave folder to find only one ".autosave" file. When trying to open it an AD message window tells me: "The file is a linked file, but the parent file could not be found." According to Finder the autosave file is there in the autosave folder with 323.7mb but according to AD it is just a link. Is there a way to get to the actual file? I would appreciate any help. Thanks