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  1. Thanks for your reply, Tony! I'm not able to post image samples at this time, but as I described above (and futen confirmed by noting scalable handwriting and black/white illustrations), I would need the feature to follow tightly to simple black and white illustration. In Illustrator, this means a high threshold and 1.5-2 px Path Fitting so that scanned art that's been traced looks rough like the original ink line, not totally smooth w/ the smaller details missing.
  2. Just bought Designer with the hopes of phasing out of Illustrator. Love what I'm seeing so far, and wanted to add my 2 cents that a Live Trace option looks to be the only thing I've noticed so far that's keeping me from being able to use Designer exclusively. Nothing fancy... I do a lot of black and white cartoon work that gets vector traced in order to bring into file prep for merchandise. I need a tight fidelity so that the hand-drawn roughness of the line quality is preserved. Black and white is necessary, though color options would be great to see. Thanks so much for the program, and I look forward to seeing future updates!
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