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    rorando reacted to Pauls in Is there a color pipette to determine the transparency of a pixel? (Affinity Photo)   
    Use the info panel and drag a sampler onto the pixel you want to inspect
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    rorando reacted to Chris B in Strangely behaving gradient controls in Affinity Photo   
    Ah, I think it has a problem with the .mp4 extension. I still think the error message could be made more clear. Leave it with me :) 
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    rorando reacted to Travelling Man in Is it possible to create more than one gradient when developing a photo in Affinity Photo?   
    Not sure if it can be done in the develop persona by using more than one gradient overlay - you can only have one gradient per overlay. Being over to use multiple gradients is what I like about LR and Camera Raw.
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    rorando reacted to Chris_K in Glitch when moving object with arrow keys (Affinity Photo 1.4.2)   
    Hi Rorando
    Thanks for raising this. It is an issue that we have had for a while. hopefully this will be fixed in the next couple of releases
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    rorando reacted to DonatoF in Is there a way to draw just a single pixel in Affinity Photo?   
    Don't use the paint brush, use the pixel tool. It is in the same place as the paint brush tool.