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    rorando reacted to fde101 in - Big regress in Quality of Denoise-Filter!   
    You could minimize that by making the "old" algorithm activate using a checkbox on the existing window ("Creative effect" or whatever) instead of trying to treat it like an entirely separate filter.  This would also facilitate importing older files by enabling the checkbox by default when the older files are imported, as that would prevent the appearance of older documents from being changed when someone imports them into a newer version, something that really shouldn't happen.
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    rorando reacted to Pauls in Is there a color pipette to determine the transparency of a pixel? (Affinity Photo)   
    Use the info panel and drag a sampler onto the pixel you want to inspect
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    rorando reacted to Chris B in Strangely behaving gradient controls in Affinity Photo   
    Ah, I think it has a problem with the .mp4 extension. I still think the error message could be made more clear. Leave it with me :) 
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    rorando reacted to Travelling Man in Is it possible to create more than one gradient when developing a photo in Affinity Photo?   
    Not sure if it can be done in the develop persona by using more than one gradient overlay - you can only have one gradient per overlay. Being over to use multiple gradients is what I like about LR and Camera Raw.
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    rorando reacted to Chris_K in Glitch when moving object with arrow keys (Affinity Photo 1.4.2)   
    Hi Rorando
    Thanks for raising this. It is an issue that we have had for a while. hopefully this will be fixed in the next couple of releases
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    rorando reacted to DonatoF in Is there a way to draw just a single pixel in Affinity Photo?   
    Don't use the paint brush, use the pixel tool. It is in the same place as the paint brush tool.
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