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  1. Also my initially comment was about the default behaviour - when exporting, the size of the image AND dpi are changed, and that's what I thought was wrong. On Android I'm used to change the size of exported images, not the pixel density. The official documentation only mentions sizes in pixels so I assume only the size should change by default: https://developer.android.com/training/multiscreen/screendensities (and I believe this is the same on iOS)
  2. So the document was in 72dpi to begin with. I tried to change to 300dpi, then revert, but whatever the resolution the crash seem to happen anyways. Crash log attached. crash.txt
  3. I think it was originally 72dpi. I tried with other images (jpg, png both 8 and 32 bits) with the same result. The crash happens in both boxes, regardless of the slice. Here's a video:
  4. That just doesn't make any sense. Only the size should change when doing that operation. Or there should at least be an option to keep the same resolution across all variants. Also the app is crashing everytime I click on exported DPI or user scale.
  5. OK, that's a start I guess. Having a repeat transform option would be really nice to have though. Is that planned? Should I add that as a suggestion somewhere?
  6. Hi guys, I've seen after a google search a post from 2014 from someone asking how to scale a layer by an exact amount of percent. While some experienced users have attempted to answer that question in a smug way by basically not answering the question, this is actually an extremely basic feature, so I was wondering if this has been added yet? I mean it has been 3 years. I don't even know why so many goofy answers were made at the time, like showing the value when resizing (?). All it's needed is a submenu in edit > transform or right click > transform > scale, then a popup shows up and then you enter a value, and then voila! You resized your layer. Like in every. Single. Photo. Edition software that ever existed. Also the ability to repeat the transformation is super basic and allows to do multiple repetitive patterns. Again, like in every single photo edition software known to man. Hope this has been implemented and someone can direct me to this or I swear this is the last time ever I use a product from you guys. Because that request - again, most basic feature ever - was first asked in 2014. EDIT: Jeez on that forum "notify me of replies" is optional. OPTIONAL.
  7. +1 and bump for that thread. I literally can't do anything without that tool
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