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  1. aha .. aha .. a dirty pink batman logo .. well .. the real hero is protecting all
  2. cool stuff .. super funny comments .. pleasant to scroll down and read
  3. the typefont i use is WC ROUGHTRAD BETA .. [ http://www.ffonts.net/WC-ROUGHTRAD-BETA-Bold.font ]
  4. hahaha .. this is a huge compliment .. (but i don't know .. for me or for picasso) .. LOL
  5. me on fridays .. and hangover on mondays .. \\|:º)
  6. thanx to you all .. yes .. it's an egg birdy .. no .. it's not an error page icon but a pretty nice idea .. thanx for that .. 504 is the internal number of my produced electronic music .. not each number is presentable .. but this number is shared on soundcloud .. i made this chicken artwork .. yes .. brushes are very cool for use as jetstream .. i miss the dotted lines .. but the next AFFINITY version will give us this feature
  7. hurray \º(o.O)º/ .. yep .. some 1:1 1:2 or 1:3 isometric grids would be perfect
  8. yep .. different measures of orthogonal grids would be fine .. also some 1:1 1:2 or 1:3 isometric grids would be perfect .. 3D simulating 2D could help to be super fast at build up huge graphics and designs
  9. from idea to the isometric lego house build up .. nice one
  10. hi .. i am jens .. aka Audio-Police .. i am a diplom designer from germany .. working with computer graphic programs since the early 90s .. so i have knowledge about them all .. since dos 5.0 and windows 3.1 .. mac since performa and the early PowerPC pizza pocket .. corel draw and painter .. all illustrators .. aldus pagemaker .. aldus freehand .. macromedia freehand .. flash .. fireworks .. adobe pagemaker .. indesign .. photoshop since 2.0 .. quarkxpress since 2.0 .. and i know ventura publisher (do you know GEM?) .. ((damn i feel old now)) .. and i know to layout single sheets with word and works .. also with apple's pages .. and with different other office tools .. summarized i can tell you one thing .. important is the main idea behind and the main metaphor to build up .. if you know to create a layout design grid .. and if you know to create vector and pixel graphics .. so you can use each application to do desktop publishing .. but different tools giving very different support to arrive the main goals you want .. so without creativity nor without knowledge of making graphics you are able to fail with the best application .. and stochastic actionism and random shots wasting a lot of time on the way to target .. going decellerated and holding focuns is much more faster then each app can act .. most of the working time the graphics app is waiting for your inputs
  11. Astronauts vs Космонавты
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