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    Ranazomic reacted to Petar Petrenko in Open InDesign files with Publisher   
    I don't think it will ever happen. IDML yes, but not INDD. The goal of Affinity is to convert them into Affinity format and start using it. For now through PDF and in (near) future with some filters for IDML and so. BTW, "industry standard" is the app which the designer is used to work with and for the customer it is PDF file. You are not supposed to deliver source files to the customer because he can continue to work on it by himself or with another designer.
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    Ranazomic reacted to Henri H in Open InDesign files with Publisher   
    I have downloaded the Beta version of Publisher.
    I found out that it is not possible to open or import InDesign files. I hope this will be possible with the final version.
    Years ago i have worked with Adobe Pagemaker and made the transition to Indesign. In InDesign was ik possible to open "Pagemaker" and "Quark Express" files. That was a smooth and easy transition.
    When Publisher will not be able to open or import InDesign files i can not open all my files that i have made over more than 10 years. That would be a huge obstacle.
    So ...........
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    Ranazomic reacted to Phil Martin in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    I need to import .docx files and do not want to resave them as RTF. Briefly, please -- what file formats can be used for import or drag-and-drop?
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    Ranazomic reacted to paolo.limoncelli in Quick and dirty path offset   
    Waiting for the path offset feature I'd like to share my quick&dirty way to do it.
    It's pretty easy and gives good control on resulting shapes.

    Hope you'll find it useful!
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    Ranazomic got a reaction from anon2 in Affinity Designer - Faster UI Development   
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    Ranazomic got a reaction from Teo_ in Affinity Designer - Faster UI Development   
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    Ranazomic reacted to Chris B in Zoom level glitch   
    Hey Wiezo55,
    I can reproduce this, even when I've set my document to pixels and ensured I've rounded up all the values in the Transform Panel. I've recorded a video to send to development along with your post. Thank you. 
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    Ranazomic reacted to Ranazomic in import / export .sketch format support   
    same, I have a lot's of old UI there was designet in Sketch and I will like to convert them to .afdesign 
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    Ranazomic reacted to jorisx in import / export .sketch format support   
    I've been working with affinity and sketch for some time and it would be great if i could import / open a .sketch file directly in affinity designer. 
    Thanks for the great work. 
    Love the product :)
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    Ranazomic reacted to MEB in iOS 10 iMessage App Mockup   
    Hi lucacasula91,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Thanks for sharing your assets with us. Very kind of you :)
    I'm moving this thread to the Resources section since it may get lost here and other users may have trouble finding it. The  Share your work section is just for displaying/showcasing projects/artwork users have done with Affinity software (without sharing resources). Hope you don't mind.
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    Ranazomic reacted to lucacasula91 in iOS 10 iMessage App Mockup   
    Hi everyone,
    i've created a mockup for iMessage Apps UI.
    The assets contains the icon app table, the compact UI mode, another compact + callout bubble ui 
    and the Expanded UI mode. All it's created by vectors, hope will be useful.

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    Ranazomic got a reaction from paolo.limoncelli in DuetDisplay + iPadPro = Photo on a Wacom Cintiq Touch like experience   
    Duet Display Support Apple Pen in the new update there is out today!
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    Ranazomic got a reaction from paolo.limoncelli in Ressources Website for Affinity Products?   
    I think it will come when the program have more followers
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    Ranazomic got a reaction from R C-R in Why Publisher shouldn't be released anytime soon   
    You could also just try to use the program over some time so you learn where the functions are -.-
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    Ranazomic got a reaction from paolo.limoncelli in DuetDisplay + iPadPro = Photo on a Wacom Cintiq Touch like experience   
    Then it's good that it's come to iPad in the further ;)
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    Ranazomic reacted to RoadkilleR78 in iOS9 App Icon Template   
    It's easier than you think.
    To embed a file use File -> Place.
    Tutorial video: 
    Thats all! :-)
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    Ranazomic reacted to tmihai in Awesome Gradient palette for Affinity Designer   
    This seems to be corrupted.
    Using AD 1.5.1
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    Ranazomic reacted to Andy Somerfield in Affinity TV - Beta Testers Required!   
    We've got a new app coming out - for the latest generation Apple TV (Late 2015)!
    It's a learning / teaching tool for users of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.
    For now, it simply contains all our video tutorial content from the website / Vimeo. We'll of course be adding more focussed, appropriate content over time. We'll also be doing a better job of categorising the content and grouping it together.
    If you have an Apple TV (Late 2015) and would like to beta test this new tool - please email tv@seriflabs.com and tell us your email address (the email must be associated with an active Apple ID) - we'll then add you to the TestFlight beta program and you should receive further installation instructions.
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