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  1. I keep getting a issue with backspace and with the arrow keys when writing, a restart fix it but I keep coming back after a while. Basic when using backspace it create a space and when using the arrow keys it create [] symbol
  2. will this be added? and if yes, can you then split 1 document in two so you have a version where you are viewing at 100% and one where you are zoomed ind side by side
  3. Ranazomic

    Table tool

    i also have problems with tables resetting it self when trying to change it's border, and resize problems as well as problem with adding more colls
  4. I only miss more paper size
  5. Option for select papir sizes matching the most used size for business cards, flyers and posters
  6. When opning a Affinity Designer file or use handoff open its open Affinity Photo
  7. Ranazomic

    Zoom level glitch

    The blue guideline show a little space between the orange and the line But when you zoom in it's look like the blue line is inside the orange What is happening here? i also notes that this also happening with other graphic elements
  8. Orginize Artbords Change all image to multiple images based on orders when you select multiple image and drag them to a repeating item, it automatic replace it with the images in order, so you don't need to change every one your self Create arrow between Artbords Connect your artboards with drag-and-drop to help communicate the flow.
  9. same, I have a lot's of old UI there was designet in Sketch and I will like to convert them to .afdesign
  10. Ranazomic

    Ressources Website for Affinity Products?

    Hi MEB I can tell you that the Envato Market is working on to get this
  11. Duet Display Support Apple Pen in the new update there is out today!
  12. Duet Display Support Apple Pen in the new update there is out today!
  13. You could also just try to use the program over some time so you learn where the functions are -.-

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