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  1. I know, I'm harping on this warping thing guys but I'm really just asking questions. Again, I know it's extremely hard work getting all the functions everybody is asking for so I'm very sorry if it seems as if I'm nagging. I really just had a couple of questions and thought it would be better to just make a video to explain.No worries though, I was just working on something and thought of the questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-dcJuHUuN4
  2. Cool! I would have to say, I've been using AD for awhile now and I have to say than any little things I miss from Illustrator are minor. There are work arounds to completing those tasks, but not having the ability to warp vector images is hands down THE BIGGEST shortcoming I've come across when working with Affinity designer. I'm happy this is in the Designer's roadmap and I'm hoping that it is as versatile as Illustrators capabilities. I'm always trying to upsell AD and AP to other people but the missing function of warp tools in particular, is a sore spot that is hard to defend. Especially since they have been a part of Illustrator for over 5 years or so. I think since CS5! I know, I know, I'm sure you guys hate it when some random forum person starts lecturing or making suggestions when we don't know how hard you're working on the programs and how much time and talent it takes to make it happen! Believe me, I understand. I'm just sick of Adobe and I want so badly for another company to succeed where they fail and you guys are the ones to do it. If I come across as less than appreciative I assure you I'm praising you guys every day! I just want AD to be the best it can! AD 4 Life! :)
  3. I was just about to post this suggestion as well about the envelope warp and the warp filters in general. I use these features a lot with vector artwork. I see this post was posted well over a year ago though so I'm wondering if there are plans for any vector warping tools in Affinity Designer. I could only find the mesh warp tool for rasterdized images in Affinity Photo. While it's a nice tool, it is really limited and doesn't really help with vector designing. Warping with text in particular is a HUGE part of designing, not just a mesh warps but preset warps like archs and bulging are extremley important as well so I'm wondering if you guys/gals at Serif are working on anything like that!
  4. Awesome guys! I'm so stoked about these programs! AD/AP are simply two of the best applications I've used in years! I'm excited the future of the apps and the brand! It's looking like the community is going to be top notch too! I can dig it!!!!!! :)
  5. Awesome! Thank you for the reply! I'm loving AD and some of the stuff like this that I miss from Illustrator is really quite minor. I'm sure as AD develops it will just get better and better. I already think AD has so many features that work better than Adobe products! The amount of love and attention to detail in both programs AD/AP are just great! Thank you so much for so a wonderful program! I've been waiting years for someone to give me an alternative to Adobe!
  6. Oh, also forgot to mention, if you look at the style that reads "Valentine" you'll also notice the hearts around the words. This is also part of the graphic style. You can make strokes fill with image brushes and then offset them so they appear outside of or underneath your text. Another cool feature Affinity Designer could benefit from!
  7. AD is amazing and I'm using it exclusively over illustrator but one thing I really miss is the appearance panel. Yes there are styles in AD but I don't see a way to add multiple strokes or multiple transforms to a single object. Attached is an example of the styles I created and could apply with a single click from my graphic styles library. As you can see the are multiple outlines, textures and distortion transforms that were contained within the styles. The 3D look was achieved by using the transform function in Illustrator by just making multiple copies and offsetting them. I know the new update will have symbols which will be great for creating the 3D like illusion but I hope in future versions Serif will make their styles more robust! :)
  8. Hello everyone! I'm brand new to this forum as I just bought Affinity Photo and Designer to replace a couple of Adobe products! I LOVE Affinity but I'm still learning some of the ins and outs. One of the biggest features I loved about photoshop was the ability to use the quick selection wand and then create a path from the selection. This was great because I always use vector masks when cutting out objects and it saves me tons of time, not having to use the pen tool to draw around parts of an object. Vector masks are the best because of the control and percisioun that you can achieve on the edges. I'm hoping Affinity Designer or photo has this function but I didn't see it anywhere. If anyone knows if this is possible, let me know! I'd really appreciate it! I can still make my masks using the pen tool but using a selection would be fantastic! :)