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  1. To speed up the workflow there is necessity of a tool like illustrator's Live paint or Inkscape's bucket fill tool in the Draw persona of Affinity Designer.
  2. Hi Sean, Sure. I am uploading the fonts folder that I use. I am not able to figure out which font might be causing the problem. but when I upload all of these it starts freezing both AD and AP. Thanks fonts.zip
  3. MadDoc I deleted all the fonts and that fixed the problem. I was then left with the system fonts that come preinstalled.
  4. Hi Sean, I keep installing fonts on regular basis as per design needs. I couldn't figure out which font must be giving problem. I tried deleting the latest ones installed but it didn't help. So I deleted all the custom fonts installed by me and left only the system fonts. This fixed the error and now both AD and AP are working fine. Thanks.
  5. It has been happening since a day that whenever I am trying to change the fonts and I go to the dropdown menu in text options Affinity Photo freezes...on Mac High Sierra. The beachball goes on and on and I have to force quite and restart the app but even after several attempts it hangs as soon as I touch the fonts selection dropdown either in the floating window or the the top shelf. This has made it unusable. Has anybody else experienced this? Is there a solution to this bug?
  6. Thanks a lot. @owenr I can now use the noise feature again.
  7. Hi, After the latest update of AD I can't find the noise slider to add texture in colour fills. Is that feature removed or moved somewhere? It was cool to add some texture to flat tones or gradients easily by sliding the noise slider. Any insight is appreciated. regards, Raman
  8. Hi, In Affinity Designer, The selection tool when clicked on something by default selects a curve only. I place a number of curves inside a layer. But then when I want to select the entire layer by move tool to move around or scale, it would select only a curve on which the cursor is clicked. Is there a setting by which we can make the selection tool select entire layer on clicking inside artboard rather than going to the layers panel and selecting the layer? regards
  9. Hi, Do we have any option to select strokes and shapes using a freehand selection tool in Affinity Designer? When there are multiples strokes drawn near by and you want to select only a few you want to do it with a freehand selection method . but right the only option of selection (arrow tool) seems to select everything in rectangular selection when you drag the tool. Using shift select each stroke can be very tedious if you are working with a lot of strokes/shapes. Please let me know if I am missing something. thanks
  10. Hi, Can we please have the option to add curve profiles/pressure profiles to dotted lines. Right now we can't make tapering dotted lines. thanks
  11. That's an amazing work around. Thanks a ton! What I was doing is making a solid tapering line...then expand stroke... and then draw rectangles at equal distance... boolean add the rectangles to single shape.. and then boolean subtract this rectangles'shape from expanded tapering stroke. That was frustrating... Your solution is so much better. Thanks again.
  12. I am trying to create a dotted line that tapers at one end. I have created the tapering profile with the pressure curves but I am not able to assign that tapering profile to the dotted line.
  13. Thanks a lot Callum and MEB. That's an amazing speed of response. You just made my life better.
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