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    mikerofoto got a reaction from Margaret in Colour profile   
    What OS are you using?
    No issues here on mac os.
    have you restart AP to see if it happen again?
    check AP setting colour profile.
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from h_d in Color cast   
    -duplicate your layer
    -filter / blur / average
    -invert the layer
    -blend mode to overlay
    can’t remember where I got that but it work.
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from mpowell in Gradient packs   
    The gradient pack can be installed in AP, that’s an afpalette file, go in swatch / hamburger / import.
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    mikerofoto reacted to firstdefence in NIK COLLECTION 2.3   
    Loving the subtle emphasis 
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from DeniseIleen in Affinity Preset LUT's Bundle?   
    Here’s another one, there’s so many online anyway, plus you can make LUTs from Lr.
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    mikerofoto reacted to R C-R in Can't get the color replacement brush to work   
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from EVERTON in Can we load LUTS in lots?   
    Nope, one at a time and same way if you want to save them.
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from aavishkar in Loading LUTS   
    Nope, one by one while you enjoy your coffee!
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from R C-R in plugins in Affinity Photo   
    There’s another thread regarding that ghost plugin, some see them and others can’t get them. Sorry I don’t have the thread link for it.
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from Dan C in Photo Crop   
    One of the top tool on left panel is the “crop” tool, once selected you’ll have option as what size and format you want it on top panel.

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    mikerofoto got a reaction from All Media Lab in Crop Tool Problem! No snap to edges and center by default anymore!   
    Same here, AP Staff.... would that be possible to get it snap to edges by default?
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    mikerofoto reacted to firstdefence in photomechanic and afphoto files   
    short answer is no:  http://docs.camerabits.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2967392-supported-file-formats-in-photo-mechanic-6
    XNviewMP can view affinity files.
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    mikerofoto reacted to carl123 in Scale the Affinity User interface   
    Lots of people have mentioned the Icons etc being too small for comfortable use, especially on larger screen sizes, so Serif are aware.  You may want to check out Affinity Glass when it becomes available.

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    mikerofoto got a reaction from youngmedia in Affinity Preset LUT's Bundle?   
    Correct, you can use 3DL and Cube with Affinity Photo, on the main page of his website there’s some explanation of what type suffix are for so you may not need most of them. Once you import LUTs in Affinity they stay there if you “save” them as preset.
    you can find many free online as well as paid and even specific camera look, like Fuji film emulation.
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from jammer42777 in Affinity (almost supports Luminar 2018)   
    There’s some that work and others not, I can’t get luminar working as plugin with AP, either it crash or images look wrong. You can always save as .tiff and work on it in luminar, click save and reinsert your image on a new pixel layer and move on from there in AP.
    here’s what I found on the forum regarding plugin
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from Elsea in This really can't be the right size, well?   
    AP File size developed images (400MB)
    This is typically because developed raw images are processed to 16-bit - it offers more precision but increases file size exponentially. Before you save your .afphoto file, you might try the following:
    Go to Document > Colour Format > RGB (8 bit) to convert the image to 8-bit and save file space.
    Go to View > Studio > Snapshots to bring up the snapshots panel. You should see an initial "Background" snapshot. Delete this as it's essentially a backup copy of your image that takes up file size space.
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from curio in NIK Trial Version   
    nik collection by DXO won’t work with AP, you need the nik by Google. there’s already few threads regarding this plus one on DxO forum requesting the nik collection to work with AP and other software.
    here’s a link for discussion
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from Alfred in oil painting effect   
    cool video, thanks for the link
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from Mohammed Elkhamissy in Nik Collection by DxO Labs (1.12.14)   
    i added them manually after installing the old free Nik and just the googe folder for the plugin search, haven’t changed anything to that before installing the new Nik. I did used the authorized global otherwise they were not working with AP.
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from Frank212 in Macphun Luminar as plug-in?   
    here’s the list I found for Affinity plugin compatibility
    I am no geek on computer to figure out this but, how or what does it take to make those plugin working?
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from Frank212 in Macphun Luminar as plug-in?   
    looking at AP supported plugin, luminar isn’t on the supported list.
    maybe it would be a good thing to update the list and get some stuff compatible, making a better life away from Adobe Ps?
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    mikerofoto got a reaction from JFisher in pas de bonus pour utilisateur Mac ??   
    si la fenetre Bienvenue de Affinity apparais pas par défaut en ouvrant AP, dans les menus du haut/aide/bienvenue.
    plusieurs personne enleve le crochet de bienvenue, dont moi  alors c'est la seul façon de la voir encore.
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    mikerofoto reacted to R C-R in Raw Processing   
    Affinity Photo's 'native' RAW developer does not by default do any noise reduction; along with tonal curve & exposure bias these adjustments can be enabled or not in the Develop Assistant (the same assistant mentioned in the second blog post). Apple's Core Image RAW developer does these adjustments automatically (& does not tell the user that it has or offer any way to avoid them).
    If the blogger had done a bit more research he might have figured this out but apparently research is not his strongest suit. When doing searches like these, the wisdom of this "meme" might be worth considering:

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    mikerofoto got a reaction from anon1 in channel mixer adj. x8 #blend-It   
    terrific, thanks for sharing!
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    mikerofoto reacted to Alex_M in [UI ]Tools icons could look more professional and clean (they are quite clip art-ish, legacy of the Serif old products)   
    I beg to disagree. I very much like the current icons. To me they look much much better than Photoshop's "sterile" ones. This is a software for visual arts, not a CAD or 3D software that has to look "sharp" and "monotone". This might sound a bit strange but one of the main reasons I like Photo better than Photoshop is that it has a more "artistic" icons and overall feel than Photoshop.
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