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  1. you can always send them a request for when to expect support for sonoma. it's always the same thing every time Apple release a new OS, let others test run and deal with not supported issues before you update your OS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to me, i'm just waiting for sonoma update like 14.1 (out on BETA now ) or sonoma 14.2 to install sonoma if my stuff is to run smooth.
  2. top right in "search" type= AP and sonoma, you'll find plenty of topic regarding issue since sonoma release.
  3. you seem to try to send a high pass filter to Nik plugin, that's not going to work, that's where your problem is, see answer above from RC-R
  4. i think the only software i've seen having flare tool was exposure software.
  5. if you're a fan of lens flare you can create your own brush in AP, or check online for thousands of png lens flare, drag and drop in a new layer, move it, change color or what ever you want to do. why would you want a baked lens flare tool that every users would have the same thing as you do?
  6. what version of Nik are you using? AP2 or AP2.1? Mac or Windows? Nik6 doesn't work with AP2.1 but the new update released Nik 6.1.0 does work with AP2.1
  7. nik 6 and AP v2 work fine no issue, if you've installed v2.1 your best move will be to re-install v2 (if you still have the installer). if you bought from sheriff I'm sure you can download it again but not so sure about App Store.
  8. make it 32gb unified memory and you have a beast, seriously. the speed the macbook pro start and load is insanely fast. there's more advantage for the 16" than the 14" but at the end it's your money. from pro to max is about what you do with your computer, i just bought one and i am really happy with, even though some program need Rosetta for now and not everything is fully functional with m2 chips... it is still an incredible boost from a late 2013 imac.
  9. tiff file are about 180mb while .afphoto are a whopping 960mb for the same picture. sure .afphoto keep layers while tiff doesn’t. it really goes down to how much work you do on it and if you want to save everything, or if you’re pretty good to redo the work with close to same results saved as tiff.
  10. you can create a preset for exporting, like 8bit / bicubic. i did saved this preset but it doesn't stick there like i never created one before. and for the file name, let say the initial name of the file was 345_678 and i rename that file on export for _345678, it doesn't seem to save it that way and revert it to original file name 345_678, maybe it rely on the file data and not the name you attribute during export? maybe it's a bug i don't know.
  11. i know at the end it's the same, just weird. also even if i create an export preset, it doesn't save it like i never created one last night. and if i change the name of the file on export... when uploading online it reverse to original file name =/
  12. thanks for the answer guys. it just didn't make sense to me to save / export another tiff file, then delete the one i'm working on.
  13. I'm trying AP2 now, of course there's difference from V1 but, after doing some work, cmd-s used to save within that tiff file im working on, now in V2 it's saving as .afphoto file or exporting a new file. what's going on, why can't i just save that tiff file with that i got, merged everything down so only background is left, even if i rasterize. thanks
  14. cmd Z to undo on mac, ctrl Z on Win? you can also check your history panel and go back up to undo correction.
  15. Yep, best way to get the software, don’t get it from the app store.
  16. Nope, AP isn’t Ps and won’t return work to Lr. When you say other software returned to Lr when you quit, they’re used as plugin in Ps, no such thing with AP. Lr create its own catalog, only other software I know that also have catalog is Capture One. Otherwise you create your own catalog and save your work there, or move your end work where you need it to be, for you import it to your Lr catalog manually.
  17. Catalina 10.15.7 have both from your store and apple store, but using the one from your store now as it seem to start and load faster. I did reboot AP and the crop work fine, let see "if" I can reproduce it, hopefully not but bugs can always be fixed right?
  18. all of them, I tried them all.... rotate, straighten. if you click on straighten and try to cancel, it does cancel but when using crop tool, back to same issue.
  19. yep and no it wasn't set to none, how I solved it? close AP and restart it then the crop tool was working. Then open a new file, did some processing and again crop tool not working, close AP and restart again, after 3 pictures done the issue did not appear again.
  20. not sure if it had brought up before, but i'm having issue with the crop tool, not usable. it doesn't show any line, even pressing "o" to change cycle orientation, grid just don't show up. am I missing something? using AP 1.9.3 Mac. check screenshot
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