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    HaroldDah reacted to Elsea in LEGACY: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials   
    I love the tutorials and always do what is told with the video, I take a screen take and use that to apply.. Works mostly sufficient, but.. in a video as today the screentake is to blurry to have aliasing edges. So I wonder, is it possible to download that file somewhere for a better quality in doing the practice?
    Overal, thank you very much for these videos, I watch them reguarly over and over again. Nice voice and way of talking too.
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    HaroldDah reacted to Mindflow in Crop tool in Develop Persona results in wrong portion of the image   
    Summary: the crop tool in the develop persona of Affinity Photo takes the wrong portion of the image as a result.
    Version: 1.4.2, OS X 10.11.6
    Steps to reproduce:
    - Load JPG image into Affinity Photo by dragging it to the Logo in the Dock.
    - Go to Develop Persone
    - Select the crop tool
    - straighten the image
    - adjust image portion in the rotated image
    - Double-Click on the crop selection
    Expected result: the image is cropped to the portion that is selected using the crop tool
    Actual result: the image portion is taken from the rotated image, but the coordinates do not match (I think x coordinate is correct, but y is offset) instead of the correct coordinates of the tool.
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    HaroldDah reacted to manu schwendener in LEGACY: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials   
    Would it be possible to offer the written help chapters in AP as _one_ printable document while we wait for a handbook?
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    HaroldDah reacted to Dale in Apple Design Award for Affinity Designer   
    Hi everyone
    We're over the moon to announce that Affinity Designer has been recognised by Apple with a prestigious Apple Design Award at WWDC 2015 in San Francisco. Congratulations to the whole SerifLabs team for such a remarkable achievement, 5 years in the making.
    It's the stuff of dreams, thanks to all our fans and forum participants for helping to make it an awesome reality.
    Read more at https://affinity.serif.com/blog/affinity-designer-wins-prestigious-apple-design-award
    Dale, on behalf of everyone at Serif.
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    HaroldDah reacted to pxls2prnt in 1.4.1 updates out now   
    Good call. I didn't even notice that it was an "Apple Promotion." 
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    HaroldDah reacted to KC Honie in Affinity Photo is Apple's Best Mac App of 2015   
    I don't dispute that, but Adobe is obscenely overpriced...  
    The current feature set and the roadmap of Affinity products should make a lot pf people question their use of Adobe products.
    But it would be nice to purchase Photo at the same discount as Designer :)
    PS. There desperately needs to be a credible DAM and an import from Lightroom would be fantastic!!!

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