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  1. Because even with a 100% quality setting JPEG's are still a lossy format, if you really want the weave samples to show your customers a good sense of what they look like, I think you need to export to the PNG format like @Old Bruce suggested earlier.
  2. It may be impossible to get it exactly like the image but you should be able to get close if using the Node Tool you add more nodes & carefully adjust their positions & handles to more closely follow the contours in the image.
  3. Are you talking about the layer thumbnail icons in the layers panel or something else?
  4. It does because if the exported item is not aligned on pixel edges then, since a pixel must be completely filled with only a single color, then the app has to allow for that by increasing the number of pixels exported so there are no partially filled pixels.
  5. Among the Mac Select menu items that open windows that do not retain their previous positions are Grow/Shrink, Feather, Smooth, & Outline. Likewise, everything on the AP Filters menu that opens a window (like all the blurs except Average, all the Distort & Noise ones, & so on) do not retain their previous positions. It can be very annoying!
  6. Do you have Show Bleed enabled in the View menu? If so, what happens if you disable that?
  7. Actually, in your screenshots Lock & Unlock appear to be enabled (not greyed out), although they won't do anything unless a layer is selected, so they really should be greyed out if nothing is selected. Other than that, as others have said, what is & is not enabled depends on what is selected & what actions have been performed.
  8. Just make sure you are placing it in the Layers panel on the thumbnail, not farther over to the right & it should work every time.
  9. Not that it means much, but if on my Mac I use the Print > PDF > Save as PDF option so no actual printer is used, the resulting PDF looks identical to how it looks in the Affinity app.
  10. Just curious, but was the mistake that you were saving it to an external USB drive or something else? Also, your uploaded file also opens fine for me, so maybe there is something else on your system erroneously causing it to say the file is corrupted, although I have no idea what that might be.
  11. But even if it does, there still has to be some reason resetting the keyboard shortcuts to app defaults (whether the button is labeled "Reset" or "Serif Defaults") did not work, so that still points to some issue with that function in the app itself. However, I think at one point @Furry said two of the Affinity apps installed on the Mac were both showing the same non-default shortcut (Option+Shift+Command+S) for Edit > Duplicate & neither one of them could be changed to the default CMD+J in either app's Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts, so it also seems possible there is something else causing this not to work, like maybe some third party 'helper' add-on that overrides certain app-level keyboard shortcuts with its own shortcuts instead. So just as a test, it might be worth changing some shortcut other than the one for duplicate to some non-default value & see if that survives restarting the effected app(s).
  12. I hope this works but I doubt that it will, mostly because @Furry said that resetting to defaults did not work, which should have loaded the default set from the app. That makes me think that, while it seems unlikely, somehow the app package itself is damaged or corrupted. If so, reinstalling the app itself would be the next step.
  13. No, just make sure the field is highlighted, hold down the CMD key on the keyboard & type the lower case letter J into that field. It should then show as "⌘J" in that field. There is no need to or way to confirm it.
  14. That almost certainly would work, but still none of this helps explain why setting/resetting the keyboard shortcut for duplicate to the Mac default CMD-J isn't working for @Furry.
  15. That makes sense because from time to time I have in fact changed a few of the shortcuts, like for testing purposes.
  16. Yes it is. Sorry for not catching the error when I copied & pasted after already typing ~/Library/. However, I definitely do have a shortcuts.affshortcuts file for APub at the file path ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/shortcuts.affshortcuts, & I am 100% certain it is not something I put there manually. It's modified date also immediately changes if I change any shortcut in APub, so I am confident this is where the app stored the keyboard shortcuts currently used by the app. Also, when I run your Terminal commands I do get that shortcuts.affshortcuts file, not "No such file or directory." I have no idea why you do not, unless the file path depends on the version of macOS being run on the Mac. FWIW, after obscuring my user account info, this is the text of the result of those commands:
  17. On Macs, it is perfectly safe to save Affinity format files to the local desktop folder of the startup ('boot') drive -- I have been regularly doing this for 4+ years without a single problem -- but like @Old Bruce mentioned, it is also possible to save them to the iCloud Drive desktop folder, which is not a good idea. But since you said you are not doing that, the only reason I can think of for files stored to the local desktop folder becoming corrupted is some sort of file system problem, so maybe running Disk Utility's First Aid on your startup disk might show something that needed fixing.
  18. My saved keyboard shortcuts file are saved to wherever I choose to save them, but there is still a separate set of these files named "shortcuts.affshortcuts" stored by the app itself in the respective ~/Library folders for each of the apps, so for instance one at file path ~/Library/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/shortcuts.affshortcuts for AP bought from the MAS, one at path ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/shortcuts.affshortcuts for AFPub bought from the Affinity Store, etc. AFAIK, this is where whatever the current set of keyboard shortcuts used by the app (IOW, the current per user defaults) are stored, regardless of if a user saves them to or loads them from any other folder. So are you sure your ~/Library folder has no *affshortcuts files anywhere in it?
  19. Which is interesting, but it does not help explain why @Furry can't get the CMD-J duplicate keyboard shortcut to stick, or why the user Library folder seems to have no *.affshortcuts in it.
  20. Yes, that is exactly where the "Show Library Folder" checkbox is, but what I was talking about is the keyboard shortcut for it (Shift-Command-L) that appears in the Finder Go menu (like in my screenshot). When I search the web for a list of macOS keyboard shortcuts, I do not find Shift-Command-L listed in any of the hits I get, nor do I know of where I could have set that as a custom Finder shortcut or if I did that sometime in the past, maybe in an older macOS version....
  21. I am not sure if this works in later macOS versions but in Catalina (& most earlier versions?) this article explains how to set Finder to always display the user's Library folder. Also, after first setting this on an older macOS version, I see these keyboard shortcuts in the Finder Go menu, but I am not sure what I might have had to do to get that shortcut for the user Library folder. All that aside, I definitely see multiple files with the .affshortcuts extension in my user account's Library folder, one for each Affinity app I have installed on my Mac.
  22. Be advised that it also has fewer features than the desktop Mac version, & because of the file access limitations built into the iPadOS (just the "Files" app vs. a Finder equivalent), the save & close features won't work exactly as you might expect.
  23. I don't know what you meant by that. Were you searching in the Library folder in your user account's home folder or in the top level Library folder, the one with the System, Applications, & Users folders in it?
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