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  1. Or, if the Select > Selection from Layer menu item was used, it would show up in the video, even if the video capture software did not show keyboard input. It wil, also work even if the default shortcut(s) are changed & for Windows where (I assume) CTRL is used rather than CMD. (Just mentioned for consideration for those making instructional videos.)
  2. Yes, & by disregarding hyphenation rules you you could end up with something horrible looking & very hard to read!
  3. At least on Macs, holding down the alt/option key (⌥) with the Pen tool selected just ignores snapping. With the Pen Tool selected, to alter the handles of curve nodes, you hold down the CMD (⌘) key, which temporarily changes to the Node Tool. If you are on Windows, the keys will be different but the status bar should tell you what they are.
  4. The bottom line is that if you insist on justifying the text, there is no simple "one size fits all" solution. You can revise the text, adjust tracking, or whatever, but there is no automatic way to always make word spacing uniform in justified text. See for example https://practicaltypography.com/justified-text.html for more about this.
  5. Why do you want to do that? As has been mentioned several times, you have no control over what settings someone viewing a web page will use, which may be very different than recommended 'reference' values.
  6. At least to me, it is not clear from the video what specifically you did at -0:07 seconds to get the 'marching ants' selection....
  7. I don't have a MAcBook Air to test with but I think you can set it in the Display tab of System Preferences > Displays even if your keyboard does not have brightness function keys. https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/change-your-displays-brightness-mchlp2704/mac
  8. Did you try Bilinear or one of the two Lanczos 3 resampling choices? They may give you better results.
  9. Are you certain you are using the same email address & password you used when you got the AD trial from the Affinity Store? Note that this may be different from the user name & password you set up for these forums.
  10. First, what do you mean by "ready for prime time" -- are you talking about a release candidate, an earlier stable beta version that may as yet not have all the features planned for the retail version implemented, or a retail version they can submit to the Apple App Store? Second, keep in mind that for iPad betas, Serif has to use Apple's TestFlight app . There is no other way to provide either beta or retail versions of iPad apps, so in all cases Apple has to approve the apps before they can be offered to anyone.
  11. Having a single floating toolbar in separated Window mode compared to having multiple ones for each document window means there is more on screen space that can be used for document windows and/or for more Studio panels/panel groups. This is particularly useful on Macs with small screens. You can also toggle on & off the toolbar and/or context toolbar, useful if you want or need more screen space for documents & are working extensively with just one or a few tools. Also, don't overlook the View > Studio Presets feature which allows you to create multiple studio panel layouts so you can have different layouts for different kinds of work & switch between them quickly. BTW, in non-separated mode, as with quite a few other Mac apps including among others Apple's TextEdit & Preview, it is possible to close all the document windows without quitting the app, so that much is not unusual.
  12. Are you saying the "Sign In" button doesn't do anything or something else is not working after you click it? If the latter, what specifically is it that isn't working?
  13. I understand that. I was just commenting on the difference in the column width settings, but I do not know why they would change by clicking on a side handle. Do you see that on your computer?
  14. From your screenshots it looks like for the second one the column width is set to 1.88 inches, compared to the first one's 1.726. I'm not quite sure how you got that difference but I suspect if you change the second one to match the first, they will look identical.
  15. Or use the keyboard shortcuts for that. At least on Macs, if auto-scroll is enabled, as you use these menu items, their keyboard shortcuts, or the Arrange toolbar buttons (if they are on the toolbar), the Layers panel will automatically scroll up or down as needed to keep that layer visible.
  16. What makes you think you know how much work remains to be done? Do you work for Serif?
  17. If you mean auto scroll is not working anymore, are you sure in the Layers panel you are dragging the layer you want to move to just above the topmost visible layer or just below the bottommost one & waiting a fraction of a second for scrolling to start? Like @Old Bruce said earlier, the 'sweet' spot where auto scrolling starts is quite small, just a few pixels above or below the visible layers.
  18. In both your screenshots, the zoom level is 1112.5% -- note that it says that in parentheses just after the document name below the context toolbar.
  19. You could send him a private message about this. Just hover the pointer over "twojtyniak" on the left of a post by him or her & you will get a popup. One of the Options in it is "Message" so if you click that you can send a PM.
  20. Yes, the wording of that could be better, but I am not sure how to make it totally obvious that all you need to use that tab is to already have created an Affinity Store email address & password.
  21. Have you tried first making an elliptical 'marching ants' selection with the Elliptical Marquee Tool & then applying the radial blur to that? You can drag the center of the blur around on the canvas to center it & set the angle to whatever you want. It is far from perfect but feathering the marquee can improve the look somewhat.
  22. Yes, for me it is the same: I have to carefully drag a layer to just below the top or just above the bottom visible layer for scrolling to start. However, on my Macs, it does not matter if Auto-Scroll is enabled for the Layers panel or not. Here, that just determines if when I click on an object in the document window, the Layers panel will automatically scroll to that layer or not.
  23. Doesn't that mean you are no longer "New to Affinity?" If so, you should be using the "Existing Customer?" tab, not the new to one. Assuming that is the case, click on the existing tab, enter the same Affinity Store email address & password you used to get the AD trial, & you should be able to click on the "Sign in" button at the bottom of the window. Do that & you should get a screen that asks for you account type, & go from there to the download screen.
  24. That is what I liked about the old Vivitar flash -- it took only a second or so to aim the main flash & the smaller one always fired, so there was essentially no setup time. It even had a telephoto feature built into the main flash so by pulling outward on it the flash beam narrowed. The only thing I did not like about it was it was fairly bulky & it took ten plus seconds to recharge.
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