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  1. All things considered, I think that since double-clicking on the glyph in the Glyph Browser panel will insert that glyph into any document text field, this copy/paste & then delete method seems to be the quickest, easiest, & most goofproof method of adding glyphs that can't be typed directly from ythe keyboard to the F&R fields. However, I still think the way it should work is, with the text cursor in either F&R field, that double-clicking on the glyph in the Glyph Browser panel should insert that glyph into the field.
  2. So what do you make of what @Patrick Connor just posted about it all becoming clearer soon enough?
  3. Because considering NDA's & what Serif does & does not choose to share with outside contractors, your claims of "inside information" are not credible.
  4. Have you tried copying (for example) the text \u00c3 from one of these posts & pasting that into the Replace field?
  5. Why do think so? Just like I can place the text cursor in a text block & double-click on a glyph in the browser to place it in that text, why could I not do the same thing if the text cursor is placed in the Find or Replace field in the F&R panel? It is simply a matter of which field has the focus, just like for copying or pasting text, is it not?
  6. For some reason this does not work for me if I type "\u00c3" in the Replace field -- the Replace button replaces the text in the Find field with those 6 characters, not the hex unicode for Ã. It also does not change to that character in the Replace field like in your video. But weirdly, if I copy the text string "\u00c3" from your post (or from any other source as text) & paste it into the Replace field, it does change to à & it does replace the text in the Find field. Any idea what I am doing wrong? EDIT: What I was doing wrong is using / instead of \ as the first character. Anyway, it would be much more user friendly if we could just double-click on a glyph in the Glyph Browser to insert it in the Replace (or Find) field in the Find & Replace panel, like we can do to insert it into a text block.
  7. It is the shortcut in the Apple Photos app for Image > Edit With > Last Used Application. For me, that is usually AP & it works fine on my Mac running Catalina.
  8. There is no way you could know how many bugs there are left to fix before they feel they can release the first retail version of APub for iPad, or for that matter how many features that first version will support -- remember, the iPad versions of the other two Affinity apps do not support all the features of the desktop versions, so even if they decide not to implement something you expect them to, that does not mean the release has to be delayed. In short, you are just speculating about things you have no direct knowledge of --IOW, just guessing.
  9. Yes! What specifically do you think it will change?
  10. Do you really think speculating about it will change anything?
  11. @danidh, if you have any floating Studio panels (ones dragged out so they are detached from the main app window), & you close the main window, those panels will still be visible whenever the Affinity app is frontmost.
  12. Look carefully at the Layers panel & you will see that the layer is a "(Curves)" layer (note the plural). Another way to tell is that there are 2 red nodes in the selection, indicating the layer consists of 2 curves.
  13. It does not look to me that in the video @v_kyr posted anything is taking minutes to do....
  14. At least for Macs, single-clicking on a file in Finder just selects it but does not open it in any app. So just curious, but is it different in Explorer for Windows, & if so, how do you just select a file without opening it?
  15. After the filter is applied to the rasterized copy selected from the original image, I think you should be able to shear it to get a convincing if not perfect effect.
  16. First, template has a particular meaning in Affinity, so I am not sure if you are talking about changing the units of a template or of some document you have created, either from scratch or from a template. Anyway, one way to change the document units from the ruler is to right-click on the current units shown at the top left of the ruler (like on "px" in your screenshot) & change the units in the popup that appears. You can also change the document units from the APub File > Document Setup... menu item.
  17. Or, if the Select > Selection from Layer menu item was used, it would show up in the video, even if the video capture software did not show keyboard input. It wil, also work even if the default shortcut(s) are changed & for Windows where (I assume) CTRL is used rather than CMD. (Just mentioned for consideration for those making instructional videos.)
  18. Yes, & by disregarding hyphenation rules you you could end up with something horrible looking & very hard to read!
  19. At least on Macs, holding down the alt/option key (⌥) with the Pen tool selected just ignores snapping. With the Pen Tool selected, to alter the handles of curve nodes, you hold down the CMD (⌘) key, which temporarily changes to the Node Tool. If you are on Windows, the keys will be different but the status bar should tell you what they are.
  20. The bottom line is that if you insist on justifying the text, there is no simple "one size fits all" solution. You can revise the text, adjust tracking, or whatever, but there is no automatic way to always make word spacing uniform in justified text. See for example https://practicaltypography.com/justified-text.html for more about this.
  21. Why do you want to do that? As has been mentioned several times, you have no control over what settings someone viewing a web page will use, which may be very different than recommended 'reference' values.
  22. At least to me, it is not clear from the video what specifically you did at -0:07 seconds to get the 'marching ants' selection....
  23. I don't have a MAcBook Air to test with but I think you can set it in the Display tab of System Preferences > Displays even if your keyboard does not have brightness function keys. https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/change-your-displays-brightness-mchlp2704/mac
  24. Did you try Bilinear or one of the two Lanczos 3 resampling choices? They may give you better results.
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