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  1. Waiting for RTL support. Would be of immense benefit and a great update.
  2. I know that Adobe Illustrator can work as an alternative to page layout software such as InDesign. Can AD also work as an alternative? Thank you
  3. Hello, How can I add texture to the fill of a shape?
  4. Does anyone know the exact release date of AD's update? Thank you.
  5. Greetings to the Affinity community, I am new to design and to Affinity Designer. I am aiming to try and get close to designs I find on the website (https://www.paperlesspost.com) is this the right software I am choosing? and if so, do you recommend a particular learning pathway in order to reach my goal?
  6. New feature I am looking forward to: Arabic language support. As I am excited to incorporate the Arabic language in my designs using Affinity Designer, and thank you! :)
  7. T_majid

    Arabic language unsupported?

    When I try to type in Arabic; this is what it looks like (screenshot). As opposed to: اللغة العربية Is the Arabic language unsupported? If so; when do we expect it to be supported? and thank you :) Arabic: rightly aligned, letters stick to each other not separated as in English
  8. I was trying out Affinity Designer Trail, it worked well the first three days. Then today when I tried to open it all it viewed was a black screen, I tried to open photos from files successfully, but all the tools are not showing. What can I do? I would really appreciate your help as I am wiling to be able to try it out during what I have left of my trial before making the decision of buying it.