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  1. Waiting for RTL support. Would be of immense benefit and a great update.
  2. I know that Adobe Illustrator can work as an alternative to page layout software such as InDesign. Can AD also work as an alternative? Thank you
  3. Does anyone know the exact release date of AD's update? Thank you.
  4. Greetings to the Affinity community, I am new to design and to Affinity Designer. I am aiming to try and get close to designs I find on the website (https://www.paperlesspost.com) is this the right software I am choosing? and if so, do you recommend a particular learning pathway in order to reach my goal?
  5. New feature I am looking forward to: Arabic language support. As I am excited to incorporate the Arabic language in my designs using Affinity Designer, and thank you! :)
  6. When I try to type in Arabic; this is what it looks like (screenshot). As opposed to: اللغة العربية Is the Arabic language unsupported? If so; when do we expect it to be supported? and thank you :) Arabic: rightly aligned, letters stick to each other not separated as in English
  7. I was trying out Affinity Designer Trail, it worked well the first three days. Then today when I tried to open it all it viewed was a black screen, I tried to open photos from files successfully, but all the tools are not showing. What can I do? I would really appreciate your help as I am wiling to be able to try it out during what I have left of my trial before making the decision of buying it.
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