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  1. NIGHT WIND on 19Aug2018
  2. NIGHT DESERT on 18Aug2018
  3. Because of FTP url, I try to upload again with attached photos.
  4. AT MIDNIGHT on 12Aug2018
  5. I try to create artworks from random quick ideas. They have arrived and left so quickly, so they have caught with simple shapes with Affinity Designer iPad and Apple Pencil. The title of artworks have been after that. Sometimes, it's so difficult to name them. Thanks firstdefence.
  6. Thanks αℓƒяє∂.
  7. MUSIC IN PANT on 11 August 2018
  8. Thanks firstdefence for quick reply.
  9. Dear all I'm trying to create a text on a cylinder on a poster as an attached photo. I used text along a ellipse path, but the characters were rotated according to the path (attached 2nd photo). Is there any way to keep character's orientation on a path? Thanks.
  10. leminhthanh

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi. everyone, I am Le Minh Thanh, from Ho Chi MInh city, Viet Nam. I would like to use iPad as a computer to create artworks in painting, design and motion graphic. I love Affinity applications because they are growing and outstanding applications with a serious project. Thanks Serif team Le MInh Thanh
  11. PRIVATE CORNER on 26 Jul 2018
  12. leminhthanh

    Vanishing node handles in Designer

    Dear all I have a issue with Note tool. I couldn't select node even though I click on it with node tool (always select it's handles). The screen record attached. Thanks. impossible_move_node.m4v

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