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  1. Dear all, I have just upgraded my Affinity Photo for iPad 1.6.3. It has "Ability to turn off spelling red underlines" but I didn't see it. Anyone can turn off "Spelling check"? Thank.
  2. So far, there are 10 clip for interesting tips of Affinity Photo iPad. You are able to visit my channel in youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7W0J4cyMFAOUDkpq6kVoYw
  3. Dear all, I am very exciting with Affinity photo on iPad. Therefore, I will make video clip of everything i learn from it, and they are for sharing always. Mask Layer on Affinity Photo on iPad https://youtu.be/c-pfrXDBwvU Perspective Projection in Affinity Photo on iPad https://youtu.be/PAtHcKEyh-w How to use crop tool in Affinity Photo on iPad https://youtu.be/UQaPDo9tfTs Equirectangular Projection in Affinity Photo on iPad https://youtu.be/bS34wOmoLzw Convert any photo to pencil sketch https://youtu.be/3OYKRBJpPqA
  4. It's posible to disable "Check spelling while typing" in Affinity photo on iPad, Please?
  5. Thanks for your reply. It's impossible to type vietnamese language on Affinity Designer with Mac OS keyboard. That was my problem. is there any solution for it? Thanks
  6. Dear guys, I can't vietnamese language with telex input source. How do I type in normal way? Thanks
  7. Hi all. I have just moved to affinity designer from adobe illustrator, and I had a issue of alignment. Issue 1: May I align the blue shape to the green one manually as my figure? Now It arranges with average space automatically when I align two shapes Issue 2: May I distribute horizontally one shape to another with 0 mm space?
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