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  1. Our HW is quite different and I don't use Astropad, although our problems look actually identical. So, I don't know what to say... Btw, as you can read from my previous posts, I was also suspecting some conflict with other applications, therefore I also tested in safe mode (thus disabling every possible software at startup), but the problem persisted... Would really love to know what's going wrong...
  2. Sorry, forgot to say: I don't use Astropad, I don't even have an iPad... If you only get the issue using that specific software, then I don't really know what it could be (several possibilities, but only speculations).
  3. I can only confirm that the issue is also still present on my mac. Since opening this thread, I've updated AP to 1.5 and now 1.6, and the OS has moved to OS Sierra, but nothing helped. Therefore I went back to Adobe... It's incredible that nobody at Affinity is willing to take care of this REAL issue (counting the number of reports above). Having payed for a product that I cannot use, and being ignored by Affinity support since more than one year, you can imagine my level of satisfaction. Btw, CunningTurtle00, I'm curious to see whether the hardware can play a role. Would you share your machine configuration? Mine is: MacBookPro retina 13" mid 2014 (16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel Iris 1536MB) thanks and good luck
  4. Hi Daniel, I'm sorry that you're experiencing the same issue, but at least I'm not alone anymore, and I feel a little bit encouraged. Actually the issue is still there on my machine, also after the upgrade to the latest 1.5 version, and the behavior is exactly the same as you (we) reported. What I understood from the above exchange of messages is that the problem is not related to my specific installation (meanwhile I even updated the mac OS), but it's rather bound to the high frame rate used for refreshing the marching ants combined with the lack of a real GPU on our machines... Whatever, I still don 't find this an acceptable explanation, also because as a matter of fact, it makes my AP barely usable, and for this reason I'm still using PS. A simple square selection on an empty document should not, never and for no reasons on earth produce such a machine overheating, especially on a powerful machine like ours, where I'm running even sophisticated 3d simulations without problems. Therefore this is either a bug, or a serious design flawless or whatever else that has not been properly investigated nor taken into account. Sorry, I couldn't hide my disappointment, and I don't want to look too harsh, but I payed for a tool that I cannot use... cheers, Marco
  5. Hi Matt, thank you indeed for your time and your exhaustive explanations. A couple of aspects are not clear to me (sorry, I might be a little slow sometimes :unsure: :rolleyes: please forgive me if I misunderstood what you wrote ). 1. From how I read your comments, it seems that my machine is basically ok (as you state "...Without us changing some code to be more optimised for your GPU, you won't be able to change this characteristic..." and you even discourage me from re-installing OSX). Did I get it wrong? So far I was assuming that something was locally wrong (configuration/conflict/whatever) just on my machine, and for this reason I was thinking of reinstalling everything from scratch.. However, if such a behavior is normal on every MBP 13" retina, I would be really surprised that nobody noticed and reported it before me.. 2. This second doubt is more academic, and just for me to understand, but I don't really want to waste your time.. It's still about the benchmark. Assuming that the GPU time is shared between the benchmark and AP (I hope I'm not too wrong with this assumption), I see that: - With NO ants, AP is taking no GPU time (just read from your reply " When Affinity is idle (you're not panning/zooming/showing ants) it will not use any frame time at all", therefore as the benchmark shows that it can draw 405 triangles in one second, it means that my GPU requires 1000/405 = 2,47ms for drawing a single triangle. - With the ants marching, the benchmark could only draw 59 triangles, meaning that the benchmark could be allocated only 2,47 x 59 = 145,7ms of time during one second of test, thus meaning that AP took the rest of the time (1000 - 145,7 = 854,3 ms) for refreshing the marching ants, which in turns makes 854,3/60 = 14,24ms per frame taken by AP. Am I wrong? If not, then for refreshing the marching ants (without doing basically anything else) AP would take 7 times the time than for drawing a triangle... which could look like fair or not, actually I don't know. I would just like to have your opinion on that.. Again, thank you for your time and your kind support, Matt! all the best, Marco
  6. Hi again, I tried a simple test, using a free OpenGL benchmark (www.Geeks3D.com/GpuTest) running with AP in background. I wanted to see the impact of performing a simple selection on AP to the benchmark result. Attached you can see four screenshots with the outcomes. In short, running the Tessmark benchmark: - just an image opened WITHOUT any selection: 2572 points (42 FPS) - making a rectangular selection on the image: 1985 points (33 FPS) Even more incredible, the Triangle benchmark: - just an image opened WITHOUT any selection: 24376 points (405 FPS) - making a rectangular selection on the image: 3599 points (59 FPS) (!!!!) It looks to me like an incredible downgrade on the performances, definitely something too weird to be normal... what do you think about it? However, it would be great to repeat these tests on another machine and compare the results... Btw, the other tests I've done didn't bring anything (I've tried disabling everything is loaded at login, I've also tried with a second user... no change). I might eventually consider reinstalling the OS from scratch, as last option... as usual, thanks for whatever support you can offer (even psychological :-))), marco
  7. Thank you Matt, I'm very convinced that the problem is just local to my machine (or I'd have found millions of similar posts in the forum, for sure ;-) I'll keep on investigating, following the steps indicated on my previous post. I'm pretty sure that something sooner or later will sort out.. In any case, I don't want to give up with AP. I really like it, and I want it to become my primary photo editing application (it's on the right way). Will keep you posted.. all the best, Marco
  8. Hi Chris, first of all, a real big thank you for supporting me! I can well imagine that the problem is not easy to track and reproduce, but let's at least give it a try ;-) 1. All the tests that I've done were performed without other applications running in background, however I just have a couple of utilities which are started at login (quickres and a vpn client). Nothing that normally affects performances... However, this evening (now I'm the office) I'll disable them to see if they may cause the issue... 2. I will try to start the MBP in safe mode and see what happens, this should also give some useful indications. 3. I'll also create a new user to see whether the problem is limited to my account. 4. Yesterday I also checked the cpu on the performance monitor (maybe this evening I'll post some numbers): With marching ants it seems that the kernel_task is working more, but it doesn't look like it's overloading the machine. I guess the problem is on the gpu. Whatever, after a selection is done, the machine slowly start to heat (really a lot) and the fan starts as well. This happens within ~1 minute after the selection is done, by just leaving the machine alone, without doing anything. If I remove the selection, within 1 minute it cools down.. If you want to suggest any further check/analysis, also on application's side, just let me know.. Once more, many thanks! Marco
  9. Hi again, Nobody can give me a hint about how to track this problem? As I said, the problem only occurs with Affinity Photo, so I guess that something on my machine is conflicting with AP.. but what? It would be a pity to renounce to such a great program, but I still have only few days to get a refund, so pls help! thanks, marco
  10. Hi there, I'm a new user of AP (1.4.2), which I really find great! I'm running it on my MacBookPro retina 13" mid 2014 (16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel Iris 1536MB) with El Capitain 10.11.6 (everything up to date and working fine so far). Unfortunately, I have an issue that is seriously affecting my activity with AP: When I open a file (whatever the size, even a few Kb jpeg), it's sufficient to make any selection (even a simple squared one) to make the machine starting to overheat and get the fan running at full speed. This happen just by having any selection active (i.e. marching ants). If I remove the selection, the machine cools down... I also tried to set the "Use only integrated GPU" option, but it didn't help... By de-selecting the "OpenGL Hardware" option things seems to get better , but the performances are quite severely affected. I searched in the forum, and I see that with the beta version someone reported a similar issue (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/8723-laptop-running-hot/) but it seems that everything was fixed at that time.. My point is: Is it normal such a behavior on a machine that is quite new and well featured? (I'm using my macbookpro even for real-time HD video editing without anything like that. Useless to say: With PS CS6 it is working perfectly without any performance issue). I hope someone can help me. Let me know should you need more information. Many thanks in advance! Marco
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