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  1. No effect with resizing. The Buttons exist, sometimes i can see their tooltips, but they stay invisible. MaxOS 10.15.7.
  2. Thanks! The buttons are there, but invisible like in some other dialogues. No change with dark mode.
  3. Sorry for the confusion. In the German version "States Panel" is called "Status Panel". Here is an English version: Of course I read the online help. Unfortunately the picture shown there is not exactly what i see in my app. For smart states there should be two buttons to hide and show. They are missing in the app. Where is my mistake?
  4. Where are the options to switch on/off and reset Smart Status? Mac, Vs. 2.2. Photo
  5. If this is a feature, it is a very bad one. In this way it ist not usable.
  6. Same problem here with AD 1.10.6 (Mac). Invert selection doesn't work in Pixel Persona.
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