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  1. ok so I took the chance and bought the product no more trial for me and yes the Beta #7 did fix this problem... WH
  2. PS i'm on 1.4.2 and it looks like there are a few known bugs in the "closed bugs" section does that mean this has been fixed in the 1.5 Beta? thx again
  3. hello I'm very new to Affinity products and I might be missing something But there seems to be a bug in the adjustment of embedded images in Affinity Designer I am bringing in PDFs from a client and I need to do minor adjustments to the color of embedded images the adjustment layers work very well for this and the adjustments are shown on the screen (yay good controls !) but when I go to print the adjustments are not there the image below shows a major shift in color via an adjustment layer that neither prints or is shown in the print dialogue box this is not true of the "Layer Effects" which show up fine on screen and in the print (see attached image of an applied blur) (As an aside there seems to be no way to "open in" or "export image" just the image in the layer; which would be a work around.) any thoughts? or workarounds? WH
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