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  1. mlplatt

    High Pass Filter

    I tried Carl123's suggestion and used Layer > New Live Filter Layer > Sharpen > High Pass Filter (Beta 1.7). I had previously used the Filters > Sharpen > High Pass path. And everything worked as it was supposed to! No adjustment need. Normal automatically selected. Perfect grey out. Immediately I closed the image then reopened it and tried the Filters > Sharpen > High Pass path again. And this time that worked also. To check I exited the programme, restarted and tried Filters > Sharpen > High Pass path yet again. Again it worked. I have no explanation for this. I must have tried twenty times before and each time it failed and now seemingly it works.
  2. mlplatt

    High Pass Filter

    Hi Gnobelix, I don't have that option. Just apply or cancel. That is the same for both the 1.6.5 and the 1.7 beta versions. The only difference being that with the 1.6.5 version the image greys out.
  3. mlplatt

    High Pass Filter

    The High Pass window appears. Irrespective of where I move the radius slider the image does not go grey. It remains coloured and unaffected.
  4. mlplatt

    High Pass Filter

    Uploaded one image 09/01
  5. It is rather curious but the high pass filter doesn't grey out when selected for some photos. It works for the photos in question on the 1.6.5 version but not on the 1.7 beta. Malcolm Platt
  6. Sorry. My mistake in leaving out the co in https://affin/coreskills.But it was an error here on this Forum rather when I tried to download. To be clear I have usually managed to download the necessary project files but only after a long frustrating time messing about. I admit I am an idiot when it comes to computers. I have been using them on a daily basis since way before Windows came along but they still baffle me. My interest is in photographic images rather than the internet yet I seem to spend more time trying to download projects than actually working on them. I usually use Firefox but in my frustration have also tried Oasis and Edge in attempts to download the WorkBook projects. All three with a singular lack of success. I think Affinity Photo is great. I admire it immensely. But then I have always liked the Serif products and have used them for many years. The WorkBook however, as you will have gathered , tries my patience severely. Malcolm Platt
  7. I have tried and tried and tried to access the coreskills files. I usually get an 404 error mesage. Occasionally seemingly by accident I get a file but can never remember next time how I did it. It has quite spoiled the book for me. So much time wasted! Simply entering https://affin/coreskills does not work for me. Nor does, for example, https://affin.co/london1. Surely it must be possible to design a system that facilitates such a simple task? As it is I have given up on the book. A waste of money. Malcolm Platt
  8. I can't get any of this to work if starting from a B/W image. I have scanned in old black & white photos (as jpgs) and would like to give them a sepia tint. Everything I try though starts from a B/W base and stays B/W.. Just to make things more difficult any attempt use the Topaz B/W plugin is also doomed as for some unknown reason all plugins are greyed out.. The problems are doubtless unrelated but add to the irritation.
  9. I have sorted the Printer problem. Sorry for the hiccup. Yesterday I downloaded major Windows Update which has messed up a lot of processes. I still need advice though on how to permanently change the profile in the Printer Profile Box.
  10. PS to tje above. I have just noticed that the printer in the \Printer box above Colour Management now appears as Microsoft XPS Document Writer. The options do not include the Epson Printer although I believer that they originally did.
  11. DWright - Actually It isn't quite. Again my incompetence shows. I have found the profile and can click on it and it shows in the Printer Profile Box. However as soon as I click on 'OK' it disappears and the box reverts to the original profile. How can I persuade it to change with a degree of permanence?