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    Reaper7 reacted to jerd in Master Margins to Page Margin Bug   
    Hi Reaper, 
    i've just got the same "problem" when trying to apply the Master-Pages spread properties to all as well as a specific set of pages, the dimensions are not being adjusted accordingly.
    This also happend when just applying "clean" Master-Pages, on which only the Dimensions have been changed.
    But since this is the first bug i found within 1 week of regular usage of Affinity Publisher I'm quite happy so far 
    keep on going
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    Reaper7 reacted to MEB in Master Margins to Page Margin Bug   
    Hi Reaper7,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Sorry the delayed reply. This is something the dev team is already aware/looking into. It's an area that still needs improvements and may see some changes in future updates.
    Thanks for your feedback.
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    Reaper7 got a reaction from jerd in Master Margins to Page Margin Bug   
    Margins from Mater to not apply to pages when applying Master properties.