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    Arun Sarkar reacted to nasu wong in Affinity designer Chameleon vector art.   
    This's 2nd time to post my work here.

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    Arun Sarkar got a reaction from Przemysław in BMP-Support ans ICO-Support   
    Dear Sir,
    Greetings of the day!
    My Silk Screen printer ask photo in 1 bit bmp (dotted photos) for printing. Please suggest me a better format for such work.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Jhonatan S Silva in Joker! Vector Character Art   
    Done using Affinity designer on ipad. 
    around of 50 minutes in real time, there is a video link available if you want to see my process used here! thanks!


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    Arun Sarkar reacted to sketchyadam in First Post   
    This is something I sat on for a few days hoping I would get time to go back and polish it up a bit more. Unfortunately, that hasn't really happened. I'm trying to get in the habit of getting to a stopping point with things, though. I have a ton of unfinished pieces and realize it's a bad habit I have.

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    Arun Sarkar reacted to sketchyadam in First Post   
    Hi all. I've been playing around with the trial version of Affinity Designer for the last few days and so far I'm really liking it. I've dipped in and out of art as a hobby for quite a long time and just recently decided to dip back in. Here's something I did today. I based this on a randomly generated description of a critter.

    I've always been shy about sharing my work, but I'm trying to get over that. Even though it's only a hobby and something I can only devote a few hours a day to, I am interested in improving. Does anyone have any suggestions as to places I can post my work to get feedback? I know people post to places like Instagram and Imgur (which I've done), but those aren't really places geared towards getting criticisms of your work. A downvote on Imgur doesn't really give you a good idea of what you need to improve.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Arun Sarkar got a reaction from Patrick Connor in And then that happened!   
    Congratulations to Serif.
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to carl123 in Too many bugs?   
    It's somewhat ironic that the last 2 out of 3 paragraphs in the Affinity Forum Guidelines would appear to condone shouting in certain circumstances.
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Ken Cope in Steve McQueen - all vector in Affinity Designer   
    My wife wants to write in her blog website about Steve McQueen.
    All the best photos of Steve McQueen are copyright.
    "No problem," I said, "I'll draw him for you..."
    Out came Affinity Designer...
    Problem Solved! 

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    Arun Sarkar got a reaction from Aman in Support for Indic Complex Scripts   
    Hello Serif
    1.7.1 installed.
    Now please consider to implement the Indic Language Open Type support  (LTR)
    Thanks in Advance
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Jowday in Story editor - mandatory   
    I need a story editor because I have to change words, terms or entire paragraphs for many, many reasons beyond my control long after I receive them and place them. "Fun" before deadline. Customers, politicians, managers, communication experts or the common pygmy.  I belive this is a common scenario. It is not word processing like what the author did for days. It is final adjustments to the text or layout.
    That work is clumsy and slow in the WYSIWYG page layout mode. Slow doesn't buy you food or clothes. Why would I wish to work in the worst mode available when I have to work with 40 or 100+ pages of text in complex layout? That is why you can work in outline mode or just view the selected object in Designer. Focus and speed! Thats why story editors exist. Somebody needs to focus on the text alone in the final phase. 
    Whatever. If it makes sense to integrate Designer and Photo into Publisher - a story editor makes sense too. 
    So, pretty please, with sugar on top, add a story editor.
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Lee D in HINDI TYPING /FONTS   
    We are aware of some issues with text not appearing correctly, this is logged with the developers to investigate further. Are you using a unicode font when typing in Affinity.
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to MCFC_4Heatons in Affinity Photo Integration - No Access To Photoshop Plugins   
    You make it sound like I've posted 100s of threads - NOT THE CASE - one of which is a reply to somebody else anyway
    As a fully paid up  owner of licensed copies of Publisher, Photo & Designer I am  entitled to give my opinion - IF YOU DON NOT LIKE MY OPINION THEN THAT IS JUST TOUGH!!!
    I'd say the only person here with a BIG PROBLEM is YOU - as you seemed to be FOLLOWING ME around the forums like a TROLL
    Might I suggest YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!
    Won' be back here to reply again I have BETTER THINGS TO DO than WASTE MY BREATH ON YOU - YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT TO ME but I seem to be IN YOUR HEAD - YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to mrwolfie in CorelDraw Palette for Affinity Products   
    Hello everyone:
    I have made the default CMYK CorelDraw Palette for any of the 3 Affinity products. The zip file includes the palette file a PDF showing all the color patches, the Corel file of the patches and also this same file as an Affinity Publisher file. Feel free to use the original files in any way you wish. This palette is made up of 100 different colors and duplicates the Corel palette to a tee. I checked different patches in CorelDraw and in Affinity photo and both programs came up with the same CMYK numbers. At some point I will be switching from CorelDraw to the Affinity suit. With having all 3 products now I can make the change gradually. Hope this helps anyone that might be also switching.
    coreldraw default palette.zip
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    Arun Sarkar got a reaction from Alfred in Open or import PagePlus PPP files ?   
    Hello  Derry
    I am also a PagePlus (V. 9 to V. 19) user too for a long time and have a lot of files and also an Affinity user.
    I never try to import my PagePlus files into Affinity via PDF because it is a very bad suggestion for me. I still use so called "Old PagePlus" (which is actually not) for my PPP files.
    If you have PP & APub then use APub for new files and PP for your already created files. (PPX9 works on latest Windows)
    In many area (till now as PP is in V 19 and Apub on 1.7.1) PP have more feature than APub in my view (e.g better PDF import/Pass through, Table & chart, PDF 1.3 Export, QR Code, PDF Slideshow, EBook etc.)
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Frozen Death Knight in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    I hope that doesn't mean that we're never getting roadmaps in the future. Would be a real shame, even if some of the features would not end up being implemented of some reason. Does this also mean that all the features on the old roadmaps are scrapped, or will we still see some of them (i.e. Export Persona showing the results of the export based on settings, non-destructive Develop Persona for Photo, Knife tool for Designer, etc.)?

    As for Serif deciding to keep certain features exclusive to each software, I am personally fine with it after using StudioLink for the last few weeks, and I consider your pricing model to be reasonable enough that I don't feel ripped off for having to buy all programs to get a more complete experience while working (Publisher is great for worklfow efficiency). I can however understand people's frustrations after waiting so long for those roadmap features for their preferred software.

    I think it would have been better if you had made this announcement earlier and not on a random thread in the Beta forums, since it is actually a pretty big deal that the old roadmaps were scrapped. People have been quite confused about the decision, myself included, since it was done so unceremoniously. Just my two cents.
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Patrick Connor in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    Agreed, until your important (or all files) are in a format that can be read reliably by another application. You have effectively saved files in a proprietry (undocumented) file format [INDD] that no external company can interpret reliably or correctly in a reasonable time. This is the case for almost all propritary digital file formats. Very few people ever consider an exit strategy, but the change of tack by some companies to move to a software rental model has pushed this 'trap' to a whole new level. This problem is not of our making, and we would solve it if we could, but cannot see a way to. The "prize" of opening INDD files directly is apparent but please do not blame us for the conundrum of undocumented propritary file formats and exit strategies from the rental model.
    It may well be that Publisher is not the magic panacea for you and others, we wish it was, sorry
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Jowday in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    You are not good at this.
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Mithferion in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    There wouldn’t be cross-over functionality if the Pages in Desiner had the UI Design approach, and you are half-way afar from that.
    Having read that, I would like to ask that the Team closes the Feature Request sections in the Forum.
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    Arun Sarkar got a reaction from MikeW in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    Personally I think it is just a commercial decision to protect each application.
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    Arun Sarkar got a reaction from MikeW in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    Personally I think it is just a commercial decision to protect each application.
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    Arun Sarkar got a reaction from MikeW in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    Personally I think it is just a commercial decision to protect each application.
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Arceom in Bascinet: A gradients practice   
    Hello there,

    I was trying to replicate the reflections on a pic and this was the result.

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    Arun Sarkar reacted to Mithferion in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    Yes, but... since "Pages" was something promised as a Feature and not just something to be supported, one would assume that you'd do a little more.
    Best regards!
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    Arun Sarkar got a reaction from walt.farrell in [By Design] Issue with "Auto Correct Option : Change Straight Quotes to Typographic Quotes   
    Hello Walt,
    Your suggestion is perfect when you only need this " ' ". But when you worked with other language font in ANSI mode then it become painful, specially your other language font contain conjunct character with " ' " glyph. At that time Affinity's auto correct + (IME) immediately change that conjunct charter with a different one.
    I wish at least auto correct should worked like PP with " ' " or Serif should support basic GPOS of open type feature.
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    Arun Sarkar reacted to LogoGround in Ability to Open/Import CorelDraw Files   
    I'm sure this has been requested before, but it would be awesome if we could open CorelDraw files in Affinity Designer.

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