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  1. If I use the original PDF then yes APub can't save. But if I open the Ind's PDF in PDF Xchange and re-save then that PDF imported in Apub fine and saved. Sorry reply in a wrong place. I was with Win PC.
  2. Arun Sarkar

    Photo Plus x5

    Hello :) Greetings of the day!! I think you should ask about Photo Plus X5 at https://community.serif.com/products/photoplus
  3. I need that support for Devnagari and Bengali Script
  4. Still does not support Indic Language (LTR) feature at all.
  5. @Dave Harris & @Patrick Connor Greetings of the day!!! Please take a look in the screen capture. Thanks in advance. Unicode OpenType.webm
  6. Dear Serif, Will Serif support Indic Language Open Type font Support (LTR) in Affinity Applications? Thanks in Advance. AS
  7. Thanks Patrick for your reply. Actually all new Bengali fonts comes with only open type feature. No ANSI mode. I purchased some Bengali fonts and Font vendor says it need Open type GPOS support. that's why I asked. Open type Bengali fonts works in Affinity except conjunct characters. May be Dave was right regarding Tamil Language ( I don't know about the conjunct characters in Tamil). But certainly Devanagari, Bengali, Assamise, Manipori, Marathi, Oriya does not works as all those language contain conjunct characters.
  8. Hello Publisher Team Thanks a lot for Publisher Beta Please provide Inline Graphics option in future. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello Is there any option in Affinity Photo for Change Case for Text, like "Sentence Case", "Upper Case", "Lower Case" etc. Thanks in advance.
  10. I create a document in my work desktop with various fonts. And now I bring that file at home. My home computer does not have all the same font from my works desktop. Now I open the APub file in my home computer. Expected : APub should indicate that there are missing font issue in my document Observed : Apub replace that font with Arial font. I wish Apub should inform about when it open the file like PP.
  11. Hello :) Smk's pdf open within 30-35 second in my aged desktop (which has only 4 GB ram). anchor-bolting-bracing-foundation-drawing.afpub
  12. Lifetime free copy of QuarkXpress-ID-PP
  13. Arun Sarkar

    Recovered Lost File Issue (.284)

    Always save my all data directly at my WD Elements 1TB USB 3 Hard Drive.
  14. Arun Sarkar

    Recovered Lost File Issue (.284)

    Confirmed this issue it with Win 8.1 after latest update of Designer.
  15. Thanks a lot for the work-around
  16. 1. Draw a line 2. Select it 3. Drag the line with mouse when hold the control Expected : One copy of the line Observed : One copy of the line + Multiple copy on the line on the original object. Same happens with AD too. Copy Error.webm
  17. Arun Sarkar

    .netframe 4.7.2

    @Mark Ingram Few years ago I got the same answer from a Indic Language font provider regarding use of Open Type bengali font & my Serif Applications.
  18. So I can't install it on Win 8.1 any more?
  19. I had a problem with AD & APh Crash issue at launch (243). And I was informed to update the Visual C++ Runtime. After update Affinity Applications runs smoothly. https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  20. Hello Aammppaa It happens with all version of Affinity for me from very first day of my use (i.e. 1.6.1)
  21. Arun Sarkar

    Designer fail to load after update [240]

    Yes, thats why I will transfer all my works made in 1.7 will need a PDF to go back to 1.6.5 [I really try whole day, but it does not run]
  22. Arun Sarkar

    Designer fail to load after update [240]

    I try all possible route from there (as far as I know). But no success. At least AD/AP 231 & APub 238 works for me now .... I need to convert all my 231 works into PDF to go back 1.6.5