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  1. affinity photo

    Thank you a lot Toltec
  2. Hi As far as I know you need to purchase licence separately for Mac, PC & iPad.
  3. Hello How I can deactivate "Clip to Canvas" in Affinity Photo? Thanks in advance
  4. হ্যলো অনির্বাণ, আপনি কি ওপেন টাইপ বাংলা ফন্ট ব্যবহার করছেন? শেরিফ এর প্লাস রেঞ্জ বা অ্যফেনিটি কোনটাই ওপেন টাইপ ইন্ডিক ল্যঙ্গুয়েজ সাপোর্ট করে না ৷ আপনি ANSI ফন্ট শেরিফ অ্যপ্লিকেশনে ব্যবহার করতে পারবেন, যেমন শ্রীলিপি, অভ্র (ANSI) ইত্যাদি৷
  5. In my city, summer start from Middle of February
  6. In my Trial version show differently. It looks same as PPX9 shows.
  7. I think it is all about the Document's DPI. If I set the DPI for this AD file to 96 or 150 then it export quite fast. Normally I use 30 to 40 dpi for a actual size design of 6ft x 3ft Roll up Standee/Banner. And it print properly.
  8. Hello Mike :) Tamil is not Right to Left Language. It is Left to Right Script like Bengali, Devnagari etc. As far as I know Serif Application does not support Fully Open Type Indic GPOS. Serif only support Unicode. I know you have a much more knowledge and understanding on this. :) Arun
  9. As far as I know If your Tamil font is an open type font then it does not work properly with Serif Application as (when I use the Beta) Serif still does not support Indic opentype feature. (Specially conjunction) Regards A
  10. As far as I know Serif did not support Indic Open type font. So when we type character position will not perfect and sometime some conjunction will not work as desired.
  11. Valid point. But it should be applicable for physical disk & manuals. And by the way I also use a software from Australian company, name TAVULTESOFT. they even chargeed much less as I am living in a developing country :P SERIF, please add a reseller in India :(
  12. Adobe, Colre, Xara, Microsoft all sales there software in India via their reseller. And they charge in Indian currency with VAT. And as a Microsoft user I can confirm online price of MS is much higher then reseller. The best part about purchase from those companies is - we can pay by cash/debit card/cheque which is much convenient for Indian Market. You can find Microsoft reseller within every ½ k.m. here at Kolkata.
  13. Serif's Legacy Application can open/place your EPS properly. :)
  14. Hello Jamsus I am a HAPPY PLUS user. and use PagePlus from Version 9.0 and presently it is in 19 version & not developed anymore. But still it is a wonderful Product for Serious DTP jobs. X9 is a nice Application and worth to buy. I think you will not get any answer here in Affinity forum as PagePlus is a legacy product for them. You can visit at