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  1. Arun Sarkar

    Phoто Customer Beta - RC2

    I see only Matt, SarahW, Dale, Andreas & Mr. Connor (sorry for the error) only respond via PM
  2. I think auto correct options should be like PP when you don't support basic LTR Indic language open type fonts. At least we can use ANSI Indic fonts if straight single quote behave like PP. Disappointed.
  3. Thanks Patrick Axis Bank did not debited at that time. But now I purchased it and it shows in my Affinity Account and thanks for the offer.
  4. After giving all card data browser does not respond.
  5. Dear Serif Is it "By Design" feature? If yes, please let me know so that I can ask my Indic Language ANSI font vendor if they like to change their font (At least those ANSI fonts works but now two character makes problem in my script and Affinity does not support basis Indic language Open Type font (LR) )
  6. Arun Sarkar

    Out to Lunch

    Wonderful and best of luck on your Vector Art Projects.
  7. That's the reason why I had to pay 58-59 US $ when I pay for AD & APh + 300 INR for each purchase.
  8. That's why I still use my PP to open a PDF (with Import Text as curve) then export again for Affinity.
  9. Me too on Win 8.1 But it always comes like this [ ‘ ’ ] not like this [ ' ' ] when feature is not activated or un-ticked. (May be it is not a big issue for others but for me my ANSI Bengali fonts does not work properly as due to this feature character change when typed.)
  10. "Change Straight Quotes to Typographic Quotes" feature in "Auto Correct Option" under preference being always active even when I un-tick (deactivate) it. Can someone please confirm it? Thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards Arun
  11. Hello For Windows : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/85918-affinity-publisher-public-beta-170337/ For MAC : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/85915-affinity-publisher-public-beta-170337/