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  1. Arun Sarkar

    1.7.x file format

    Thanks a lot for this information. I was on an impression that Affinity at-least follow the "Plus" (X3-X8) option on older application.
  2. Hello Greetings of the day!!! Designer : Publisher :
  3. 1) Open a PDF in Publisher. Expected : It should open same as like AD Observed : Photograph become inverted. 8421S_Scross Homologation Sheet2.pdf
  4. Confirmed. it print nicely.
  5. Hello Till there is no option for PP open or import in Affinity Publisher For simple document I export a PP file in PDF (Optimized for Drawplus option with untick embed font) format and open in AfPub. But for long document it will not work as expected.
  6. Hello I never use Affinity's print option because I never get a single printout perfectly with Affinity (issue with line thickness & other issues) but yes I tried N-up with Serif's other App like PagePlus & DrawPlus when they provide "Print & PDF Preview" option.
  7. No, It just a single click option for multiple copy+Paste with "Align & Distribute" option.
  8. Hello Walt :) Take a look in attached file. A replicate method of PagePlus. It is a wonderful feature and far far better than "Power Duplicate" when we need n-up setting in a page. Replicate.webm
  9. Arun Sarkar

    Crop Tool Issue

    Ha Ha.... Thanks Walt... now it works.
  10. Arun Sarkar

    Crop Tool Issue

    1. Start a blank document 2. Insert a photo. 3. Try to crop certain area with Crop Tool Observed : I can't see the crop grid.
  11. Arun Sarkar

    Issue with outline Mode

    Hello Confirmed on Win 8.1
  12. Thanks for the clarification Patrick.
  13. 1. Try to open a Publisher's file (10 Pages) in Designer 1.7 Expected : All 10 pages open Observed : only last page open.
  14. Arun Sarkar

    Beta .178 asks for Valid Product Key

    In my Win 8.1 I have to produce my mail Id and product key to validate the install too.
  15. Pdf export works perfectly with my files too. Thanks a lot.