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  1. I still use my DP & PP everyday with my Affinity Applications. Still there are some advantages in Plus Range too.
  2. Hello There is no Envelope/Perspective Tool in Designer like we have in DrawPlus. But Affinity Photo has Mesh Wrap & Perspective Tool (Not vector)
  3. Me too We, who paid 50 bucks or 50% of 50 bucks was/are not getting any special favor. The amount we paid which Software Producer ask from us at that time. Plus product was much mature product that's why they ask 100 bucks at the same time.
  4. I was an user & forum member of Serif (Europe) Ltd. from their PagePlus 9.0 & DP 6.0. And it does not mean that I have to say all goods words for Serif. Even they also does not agree with my view many times. and if you think criticism/asking basic feature/said some feature which is implemented better in another Software is a negative trolling then please be a mature one, this is reality and reality is not so bad. By the was once someone says "I was a fanboy" in old Serif Forum and my account also blocked by Serif in their "CP" 🀣
  5. And what about some one who always try to bat for Serif, but actually he is ........ 🀣
  6. Hello Callum Please also consider Indic LTR too if possible. Stay Safe Kind regards Arun
  7. It will be great if there is an import option for CDR Files. 😊 Stay Safe 🌹🌹
  8. Hello, I got such issue with my files when there is a PNG insert. Some printer print it properly some printer does not so I think for me it was a printer driver issue. Getting issue with HP MFP M1005 when same file print perfectly with HP 1002N and Epson 110L Stay Safe.
  9. 🌷 Stay Home, Stay Safe.
  10. "We know we’re not saving the world, but we hope these measures can at least provide some form of relief to those who need it." Wonderful. Nice to see the same legacy *Serif* again. Best wishes to everyone at Serif. Stay Safe.
  11. MY Affinity 2020 wishlist 1) Replicate option like Drawplus 2) Corel Draw import 3) Indic (LTR) open type support
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