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  1. If I create 20 Artboards, then how I can setup this in 5 row & 5 Column automatically. Thanks in advance best regards Arun
  2. Never got mail from Affinity. Though got a lot's of mail from Plus.
  3. Otherwise we will see again a PagePlus with feature like "Border", "Cutout Studio", "PhotoLab"
  4. 1. Create a box. 2. Apply rounded corner 3. Set line thickness to 1.5 pt 4. Print (HP Laserjet 1500M, HP Laserjet P1102W) 5. Export as PDF (Print from a PDF reader have no issue) Expected : consistence in line thickness Observed : Some part become much thin. Guha Associates_Challan.afdesign
  5. Yes it does not open in any Serif Application i.e. including their legacy DP.
  6. Dear MEB Do you ever export your PagePlus Document (not just a single page flyer or 8 page brochure) as a PDF and Import in Affinity? Does Affinity support Embed font/Import Text as curve? PDF never being a solution for me when it's a PagePlus Document. Sorry it is not an option for me. Good suggestion.
  7. Ha Ha Ha.... Did you try Tab Alfred in your work?
  8. Designer's tabs does not work for me at all. It behave strangely with me.
  9. Yes & its summer already at Kolkata
  10. Is not "Table" between "Place Image" and "Crop Tool" ?
  11. Will there a Copy-Paste Excel Sheet Data like we have in PagePlus? That will be great for me.
  12. Always I miss offers, I finally got my International Debit Card on 6th January and 20% Discount offer ended on 5th January.
  13. Windows Store version will not work with Win 7, 8, 8.1 but Serif Store Version works with those OS.
  14. Wonderful Ros And thanks for the .afdesign file for learning purpose. Best Wishes