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  1. And I think it will not be any time soon. I can remember that Mr. TonyB once said regarding PagePlus import issue that "I think we have received all the feedback we need for PagePlus import. I will end this thread by saying that if we did produce an importer we would wait until Affinity Publisher supports enough features that the importer would be better than our current PDF import. Sorry but that's best we can say at this time." And I believe that PagePlus had less feature than Indesign in many areas.
  2. Arun Sarkar

    Missing Font Issue

    Thanks Mike The issue is I just open the File (50 Pages) and sent to print on my Inkjet Colour Printer. And find the issue when my printer complete the print. Replace or Remember the the choice is OK, but it should inform before change. Bad procedure
  3. I create a document in my work desktop with various fonts. And now I bring that file at home. My home computer does not have all the same font from my works desktop. Now I open the APub file in my home computer. Expected : APub should indicate that there are missing font issue in my document Observed : Apub replace that font with Arial font. I wish Apub should inform about when it open the file like PP.
  4. Arun Sarkar

    Raster issue in PDF Export

    Hello, I think it is an issue with place inside the container. If I convert the background objects (rectangle and the lines) into bitmap then texts export properly.
  5. 1. Create a card 2. Makes multiple copy of the card 3. Export as PDF (X-3 / X-4) Observed : Take a look in the all "NEXA Foreshore Road" part. You will find the 4 cards become fully raster and the 5th one's "NEXA Foreshore Road" is in vector. Invitation_Card_Poila_Baishak.pdf Invitation_Card_Poila_Baishak.afpub
  6. Hi, APub being slow but not freeze or crashed.
  7. Hello :) Smk's pdf open within 30-35 second in my aged desktop (which has only 4 GB ram). anchor-bolting-bracing-foundation-drawing.afpub
  8. Yes I know which thread it is. I just inform that this particular crash issue does no effect my APub but after install APbu (292) my AD crash just as it said by AdamW.
  9. Hello Adam suddenly I see that my Affinity Designer effected by this issue. After Save a file Affinity Designer Exit, but without any data loss.
  10. 292 run smoothly on my Win 8.1 without any crash after saving any document.
  11. Lifetime free copy of QuarkXpress-ID-PP
  12. Arun Sarkar

    Recovered Lost File Issue (.284)

    Always save my all data directly at my WD Elements 1TB USB 3 Hard Drive.
  13. Arun Sarkar

    Recovered Lost File Issue (.284)

    Confirmed this issue it with Win 8.1 after latest update of Designer.
  14. Thanks a lot for the work-around
  15. 1. Draw a line 2. Select it 3. Drag the line with mouse when hold the control Expected : One copy of the line Observed : One copy of the line + Multiple copy on the line on the original object. Same happens with AD too. Copy Error.webm