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    I am sure it is an unicode fonts cause Indian Font vendor's ANSI fonts works with Affinity. @creativekamal as far as I know Serif still does not support Opentype GPOS, that's why we can't use conjunct and "ি " " ী" at proper position. But ANSI Indic fonts works properly. Try Shreelipi Nxt or Keyman.
  2. I get such issue when there is no embed option in the font. such as Helvetica .
  3. No only TrueType.
  4. Hello :) I got such effect with Helvetica font in DrawPlus, PagePlus & Affinity. If you select the text and change the font with any other then it become normal. (At least for me) Kind regards Arun
  5. Yes I know it quite well thats why I use both Plus as well as Affinity. Thank you.
  6. Hello Derry I am also a PagePlus (V. 9 to V. 19) user too for a long time and have a lot of files and also an Affinity user. I never try to import my PagePlus files into Affinity via PDF because it is a very bad suggestion for me. I still use so called "Old PagePlus" (which is actually not) for my PPP files. If you have PP & APub then use APub for new files and PP for your already created files. (PPX9 works on latest Windows) In many area (till now as PP is in V 19 and Apub on 1.7.1) PP have more feature than APub in my view (e.g better PDF import/Pass through, Table & chart, PDF 1.3 Export, QR Code, PDF Slideshow, EBook etc.)
  7. Arun Sarkar

    Pages in Affinity Designer?

    I said the same in different words and got a sweet & humble reply from Serif Developer.
  8. Arun Sarkar

    Pages in Affinity Designer?

    @Mark Ingram when I said I don't want to buy the software? And after reading your reply twice I think it is better not to reply/talk about feature of Affinity. And by the way I have all three Application and already cross your 14 days time.
  9. Arun Sarkar

    Pages in Affinity Designer?

    Personally I think it is just a commercial decision to protect each application.
  10. Arun Sarkar

    Indic Fonts

    Even tiny app like sk1 (https://sk1project.net/) support Indic Language
  11. Hello Walt, Your suggestion is perfect when you only need this " ' ". But when you worked with other language font in ANSI mode then it become painful, specially your other language font contain conjunct character with " ' " glyph. At that time Affinity's auto correct + (IME) immediately change that conjunct charter with a different one. I wish at least auto correct should worked like PP with " ' " or Serif should support basic GPOS of open type feature.
  12. I love that PP's hide option for Studio tabs.
  13. Hello Serif 1.7.1 installed. Now please consider to implement the Indic Language Open Type support (LTR) Thanks in Advance A
  14. Nothing wrong. Actually Affinity does not support Indic Language open type support at all (GPOS) That's why conjunct does not work at all. You can use Indic ANSI fonts in Serif Applications from like Shree Lipi fonts or GIST fonts but some character also will not come properly at Publisher due to there strange "Single Quote" auto correct. But as Designer or Photo does not have auto correct options so they works properly with Indic Language ANSI fonts. I believe Serif need to support Indic Language Open type (LTR) fonts when they penetrate in Indian Market. :)