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  1. Hello, Will this improvement effect on Indic Language LTR Open Type feature (Conjunct characters, Gpos)? Thanks in advance.
  2. I like a Preview Option in Export just like Serif's Plus Application.
  3. The truth is Serif even can't support LTR (Open Type Indic Language) fully. And I requested it to Serif from may be 2013. 😀
  4. I knew " PDFCreator " from it's early beta 🤣 I just need a simple "replicate option" not so many work around. Thank you. Have a nice day!
  5. Hello Joachim_L Thanks for the workaround. But unfortunately it does not help me earlier. (I raised this Center setting issue back in 2013 to Serif and requested the corel's way.) And if I need a tiff, then I have to export it first to PDF, then need to install PDF Exchange and export it as RGB (?) tiff.
  6. Greetings of the day Walt ! 1) Serif's N-up can't print properly with it "Front+Back" print need. Take a look in Corel Print option, you will find the Alignment as "Centre" when Serif's as "Left Alignment" 2) We need to send such n-up files as PDF or TIFF to Digital Printers. Either they want a "CDR" file or a N-up Pdf files with proper setting. (And I used a painful workaround by "Align & Distribution + Multiple Copy-Paste" option.) Warm regards Arun
  7. It has many facilities, but mainly I use this feature when I need to print a documents multiple copies in a sheet example : Business Cards. Pageplus.webm Drawplus.webm
  8. I wish a replicate option in Affinity like Pageplus or Drawplus.
  9. বড়দিন ও নতুন বছরের শুভেচ্ছা ৷
  10. Some time some printing company print a file in CMY rather than CMYK (eliminate the black plate ). And in my region (Kolkata, INDIA) many Offset Printing units ask for CorelDraw File or a PDF file with X-1a PDF profile without "Black Text Overprint" & "No Colour Profile attached)". If your "Gold" Colour look like the attached photo then it is CMY.
  11. As a long time user I can assure you, don't expect such feature any time soon. As far as I can remember I ask this feature many times from may be 2010 with Serif Plus Range. 🤣
  12. Off Topic : I don't think so, as far as it's my issue or an issue which is only related to a very small amount of user or outside your preferred client base area. May be a month ago I raised some issue with Indic Vendor's font support with Affinity and I provide a download link with those fonts. But unfortunately it was not addressed by anyone until the download expired. After that JonP take a look on the post after Patrick's response. (Patrick knew that issue as I sent him PM when he was in holiday)
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