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  1. Arun Sarkar

    Recolor BMP images

    Thanks a lot Toltec
  2. Arun Sarkar

    Recolor BMP images

    Hello DAN C It's Arun here. I attach a 1 bit BMP for you along with a clip how PagePlus works with recolour with such bmp files. Recolour.webm Ba1.bmp
  3. Arun Sarkar

    Text in Hebrew

    Yes Indic Languages
  4. Hello Walt You are right, actually I select the all rows then paste.
  5. Hello I use Plan Maker 2018 from Soft Maker's Free Office. And I import those data into Publisher's Table. 1) Create my data in in Plan Maker in 20 rows and 10 columns. 2) Now Start a blank document in Publisher. 3) Select Table Tool. and create a Table with 20 rows and 10 columns. 4) Copy the cell's Text in Plan Maker 5) Paste the data in Publisher. Excel-Pub.webm
  6. Arun Sarkar

    Printer Support

    Hello Palus Greetings. Printers are : HP Laserjet M1005, HP Laserjet 1102P, HP Laserjet 1020, HP Laserjet 1010 and EPSON L110 Windows 8.1 Issue : If I need to print a 5 Pages File the I have to load 6 papers into printer tray as 1st page will print as blank page. untitled.afpub
  7. Arun Sarkar

    Printer Support

    Hello Walt Yes, Windows has the same issue. 1st page Blank. the it print. i.e. if you need to print One pager Design then you have to put 2 pages on your printer. 1st page will be black and 2nd page will print with your design. and regarding the delay..... it delayed because the design is not in A4 size but on a Demy Paper Size.
  8. Arun Sarkar

    Duplicating issues

    Yes, it happens with my files too with the 133 update.
  9. Arun Sarkar

    Printer Support

    Hello westbanker It's a known issue. It happens with me too with various printers. When you print your design please select "Fit to Printable" under the option "Fit Type" on Print Dialog. Hope it helps. Print.webm
  10. Type some text. Set tab stop Drag Text Handle Expected : Only Text Handle shift until it touch the text Observed : Text shift. Maruti_Suzuki_S-Cross_2018.afpub ice_video_20180922-143156.webm
  11. Arun Sarkar

    Coffee cup with spoon

    Just WOW
  12. Hello It works in my win 8.1 system. Vector Object + CMYK TIFF + RGB jpeg.
  13. After Publisher 128 installation I got this message on AD & APh. Though on clicking "OK" Button it works normally.
  14. Yes, PagePlus has it and I wish it too in Affinity.