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  1. bobllobl

    Quixel Support

    aww it sucks to hear that. I hope Affinity becomes popular enough for Quixel to recognise and hopefully look into making a version that is compatible affinity. I'm gonna have to learn Substance and work with affinity in the mean time. also I'm a windows user so i can't try out affinity photo and i was wondering does affinity photo work well or even better for concept artists?. does it have all the tools like Photoshop or even better?
  2. Hi affinity Im really happy to see that a software to replace Photoshop for my workflow is coming to windows but I would like to make one crucial feature request: Please make affinity support Quixel applications or the other way round. This would be great and i can then fully utilise affinity as my main workflow and say good bye to Photoshop.