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  1. Thank you most kindly BHP, I've never understood quite how this tab works. Now I know! And will use it with more confidence. Yes, that solved my issue. I'm a happy camper. Very very much appreciated, All the best, Ben
  2. If I check the 'stroke' panel ... nothing is set. But also I notice that the 'stroke' panel disappears when I highlight any text. It seems to only be there, and work, on objects. So I'm still at a loss.
  3. Quite possibly. Still getting used to Affinity Photo. Will go see if there is a stroke assigned ... aie yie yie! Just spent five minutes looking for a 'stroke' ... not obvious. Perhaps you could steer me to where I would be able to add or subtract a 'stroke'? Though it seems kind of odd that when I add any new text it comes with that black 'stroke'. Point me in the right direction Gear maker and I will be a happy camper ... Ben
  4. All my text has a black outline and I can't find wherever the click is to turn it off. Even if I create new text, there is the black line. I'm not using any effects. It's a mystery and I give up trying to solve it... with a plea for help! All ears, Ben
  5. RC-R!! Okay. I had thought of that. I had perused the customizing the toolbar ... but ... not trusting myself I didn't SEE the specific 'arrange' button. Dang. But your suggestion, and confirmation, that it was there ... I found it, pulled it up into the toolbar and ... it works!! So I thank both Alfred, and yourself, for patiently pointing me to EXACTLY what I needed to solve my issue. And I did. I'm a filmmaker who has always had the luxury of handing films over to distributors in the past ... so not my problem all the things that happen afterwards, posters, DVD graphics, etc. etc. I've decided to add the 'unknown' to my toolbox. So I'm now distributing my own films. A huge learning curve. Which also means mastering all the graphics stuff that happens once the film is done. Fun, when there are forums like this ... or I'd go nuts with the manuals. Thank you most kindly, Ben
  6. Hi Alfred, you're being so helpful. I'm looking, I'm looking, how do I activate those particular boxes. They are nowhere obvious on the default screen setup. I've been back and forth in the top menu (Arrange, View, etc.) and can't find a way to bring up the boxes. Aha!!! Subtle. I finally found these tiny little arrows, click, up pops the box. One of them. I added a screenshot here, not sure if you're going to see it ... but if you do, you can see those tiny tiny little arrows in the lower right hand corner... up pops a box. But only this one box. So I guess I'm back to my first question above... how does one find the box where I can select to 'align vertically'? In a quandary ... Ben
  7. Thank you gdenby and Alfred. Both work. Very helpful. Very kind of you. Very much appreciated. Ben
  8. I did a whole bunch of text titles using the gradient 'tool'. Nice gradients. But I want to get rid of the gradient, change it to a single solid colour, without having to redo all the titles. Is there a way to remove a gradient in a text box, leaving the text a single solid colour? Ben
  9. Hi Alfred, I swear I've been staring at the main toolbar for twenty minutes, and can't find an Arrange icon that allows me to Align Vertically. In the upper right corner I see a bunch of arrangement icons/buttons that allow me to 'move to back' or 'move to front', then further right I can 'align left edges', or 'horizontal centres', or 'right edges', top, vertical centres, bottom edges. And then far right I can 'insert behind the selection' etc. etc. Not seeing an Arrange icon that allows me to Align Vertically. Could we be talking about Affinity 'Designer' here? I'm in Affinity 'Photo'.
  10. Making DVD/Blu-ray menu. Have a series of titles in frame - in separate text boxes. I see can align them right, centre, left. In some apps (like Adobe Encore) I've seen where I can also align them 'vertically' ... meaning the text boxes will be placed in a vertical line equally spaced. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Photo? All ears, Ben
  11. Hi Callum, Thank you most kindly. Will try. Will report back. Very much appreciated! Ben
  12. Photoshop used to have an Effects plug-in called 'Paint Daubs'. I'm wondering if anyone in the Affinity community has ever come across a way to create a similar effect in Affinity? I used to use the Paint Daubs when working with SD footage from video (pre-HD, pre-4K). Very subtle use of the effect could make a video-looking still pulled from the film look like a much higher quality image, even slightly painterly, getting rid of any sense of the video-look. I've even used it on HD, and it makes a still pulled from video look much better when going to print. All ears, Ben I still have the Paint Daubs effect in an earlier version of Photoshop (which no longer runs on my current OS). And tried to install that specific plug-in into the Affinity-folder-for-effects-plug-ins ... but it doesn't seem to translate. I heard something like this could be done. Nada, it seems, in this case.
  13. HI guys, I'm not sure I explained myself correctly. There is only ONE piece of graphic, no layers. And I'm looking for two things ... the proper tool to be able to select the two photos (though there is only one flat image, not two photos in layers) - separate from the white background (which is not actually another layer) - and then be able to delete the white 'background' that is only actually a faux background as we're only talking about one flat layer. That's probably over-stating it. I notice, looking at my attachment, that you can only see the two seemingly layered photos. There is actually a white background to them I'm trying to get rid of (which doesn't show on the white background of the forum setup). JimmyJack, I'm going to take a crack at what you've suggested... after I watch the tutorials on the 'selection tool', which I haven't quite figured out yet. And will report back to you. Petar ... I suspect you are right, but haven't figured out the modifier keys with Affinity yet. Thank you guys... Ben
  14. I have a collection of stills that look like the attachment, many of them, that have to be altered. Ideally I want to simply get rid of the white backgrounds. Cropping only allows me to use specific square or rectangular shapes. Is there a way I can draw a line around these two (or more) stacked photos, and delete or crop-out the white background? Having the odd shape end result is not an issue. I realise I could make a series of masks, but that seems like it will be a lot of work given I have to do this to scores of photos. All the best, Ben (I've used this forum before numerous times, but had to resign up. I recently had to move, canceled my local internet provider, lost my long-time email address, misplaced my old password, and the new link from Affinity was being sent to a defunct email address. Thus re-signing up.)
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