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  1. How to delete a first page in Publisher without re-flowing whole document? Or, how do I make it spread instead of a single page? When I started a project, I made a mistake of creating a cover as single page, not spread. Now, I need to create a spread for cover instead of a single page. Kinda stuck…
  2. What's your "rendering intent" setting (preferences>colour)?
  3. OK, here's the screenshot of how Affinity Photo renders colours. Also attached is the .afphoto file. screenshots.afphoto
  4. I just bought Acorn image editor for this task. Colors are just the way they should (working profile on both cases sRGB)! I realise that Acorn is much simpler program, but still…
  5. I have wasted several days on a really simple problem – how to use screenshots of a web app on marketing materials for the web. How is one supposed to use Affinity Photo for that? I kept my document’s colour format in 8-bit RGB always, because that is what mac’s screen uses and that is the end result. But whatever settings I use for importing screenshots, colors *always* looks dull in Affinity Photo. I tried all colour profiles and I tried both converting and assigning all colour profiles there are in Affinity Photo. Is there a checkbox somewhere in Affinity Photo where I can say “Please for the love of god don’t touch the colours”?
  6. WOW, that's weird – after testing a Dell 4K monitor, Affinity Designer now works fine with my Eizo.
  7. I use satechi adapter, because my Eizo monitor has hdmi and new macbooks have just usb-c Tested same setup on a Dell 4K monitor. Affinity Designer worked just fine EDIT: No, that flicker did not go away. Still impossible to work on my second monitor, I can only use your stuff on my laptop monitor… This bug has been around for over a year now…
  8. Same issue here. A new Macbook Pro from 2018 (13-inch, 2018, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports). OS is 10.13.6. Second monitor is EIZO FS2434.
  9. Culprit seems to be a feature called „Continuous export“. Affinity crashes often if I turn on that feature. Whatever file I have. AVOID CONTINUOUS EXPORT!
  10. I decided to try Affinity Designer for a first serious project. As my file grew more complex, Designer started freezing. It’s not even that big file yet, (filesize 38MB with couple small raster images), but impossible to work now, freezes every ten minutes… What can I do? Are there some certain things known to freeze AD? Should I clear a cache or sacrifice a chicken or whatnot?
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